Cheating Athletes And Coaches Part 1

9. Diego Maradona (Soccer)

The rules in soccer are simple and straightforward and everyone knows them. One of those simple rules is that the player can touch the ball with their legs, back, chest, head but can’t do it with their arms and hands. Only the goalkeeper allows to use also their arms and hands to prevent goals from the opponent’s team. Well for Maradona it was a bit different.

Getty Images/Hulton Archive

In the World Cup Finals in 1986, Diego Maradona managed to score against England. For us it seems like he headbutt the ball right into the gate for a “clean” score. We were wrong, after a replay of the goal we can see that Maradona used his left hand to hit the ball. Maradona didn’t admit it, and in the end, Argentina won the World Cup. But until now this goal is attributed to a mysterious “Hand of God.”

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