Cheating Athletes And Coaches Part 1

10. Sammy Sosa & Albert Belle (Baseball)

There are many ways to give yourself an advantage on the field – knowledge, experience, strength quickness and more. One of those ways is an illegal one, and that is using a “corked bat”. This allows the ball to bounce in a more powerful way after the player hit the baseball with their bat. This technic Sammy Sosa and Albert Belle both adopted it but, in the end, got caught.

Getty Images/Sporting News

During one of the games that Sosa played, when he hit the baseball with the bat, bat itself broke into half. The umpires looked closer on the bat and found out there was cork lodged in there. In Albert Belle’s case, one of the umpire suspected Belle and took a closer look at his bat and found it there was cork in it.

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