Weird And Unbelievable Animals That Your Favorite Characters Is Based On

5. The Road Runner, Looney Tunes – Roadrunner

“Meep Meep”, sounds familiar?

Is none other than our favorite dashing funny animated friend, The Road Runner from Looney Tunes. Yes, the fast bird who sprint so fast and leave dust behind him, especially on Wile E. Coyote. Surprisingly, that speedy creature actually got the name and is based on a bird called Roadrunner.

YouTube/WB Kids/Warner Brothers/Instagram/authorbjsmith

Believe or not, these fascinating birds have actually been recorded running at speeds of up to 27 MPH. Another interesting fact is, Coyote got his name from the real creature called coyote which is a predator who hunts down the Roadrunners. Luckily in the cartoon world, the table have been turned over and Roadrunner gives Coyote hard time.

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