Weird And Unbelievable Animals That Your Favorite Characters Is Based On

6. Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog – Hedgehog

This one is easy to recognize – our beloved and insanely fast blue hedgehog is non other than Sonic the hedgehog. When Naoto Ohshima, a Japanese artist, attempted to create a character for Sega, he simply looked at a list of animals and looked for animal that can roll to a ball. Obviously, you will think about Armadillo, but Naoto Ohshima picked our beloved garden guest – the hedgehog.

YouTube/Cartoon Network/Instagram/one.ear.eloise

Despite lacking some blue spiky hair, gloves and shoes, the real hedgehogs walk on 4 and pretty slow compare to our cartoon lighting speed hedgehog. Like their blue-haired counterpart, the spiny animals typically have a positive reputation and are considered to be hard workers.

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