Weird And Unbelievable Animals That Your Favorite Characters Is Based On

1. Crash Bandicoot– Bandicoot

When Naughty Dog, a game studio company, had to find a new hero for their games the wanted their character to be “cute, real and no one really knew about”. Australia is full of animals that meeting those requirements, the creators of the game just had to look a little. One small creature caught their eyes, and its name is Bandicoot.

YouTube/Crash Bandicoot/Instagram/kiwi_kate_

The story behind Crash Bandicoot game franchise is that this Bandicoot got superpowers after a failed experiment and the game is about the journey to save the world against evil villains. Unlike the character, the real Bandicoots are more interested in digging up earthworms with their long snouts instead of going to crazy adventures.