Two Actros That Played An Iconic Character Part 1

2. Rex Harrison Vs. Eddie Murphy – Dr. Dolittle

When Dr. Dolittle, the whisper to animals, was first showed in the big screens in 1967, actor Rex Harrison succeeded with his outstanding acting skills to play Dr. Dolittle and charm the audience. That’s not all, his performance helped the movie get enough attention to win an Academy Awards for best visual effects and best sound.

APJAC Productions/Wolper Pictures Ltd/IMDb

Three Decades later, we were introduced to unusually markable actor that changed the way we remember Dr. Dolittle and one that would be beloved by many even until now. In 1998, Eddie Murphy reintroduced the masses to Dr. Dolittle and surpass Rex Harrison with ease. He even starred in the new sequel that became very popular. No doubt, that the comedy legend Eddie Murphy took Dr. Dolittle to a whole new level of goofiness.