The Most Dangerous Animal Attacks And How To Survive Them

4. Snakes

Snakes are one of the most feared creatures in all of the animal kingdom. Snakes can come in many sizes and species and some of them have deadly venom that can kill many people. But we can’t avoid the fact that the snakes are also afraid of us. So how we both can live in harmony?

Wild Horizons/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Many if not the majority of the snakes start to bite only when they feel in danger and if their enemy is getting too close to them, so watch your steps. Because snakes can blend and hide, it is recommended to make a lot of noises and look down to see any movements in the ground. Some of the snakes can vibrate their tip of the tail and make a sound which makes it easier to spot them. If you spot a snake, wave goodbye and walk away.

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