The Most Dangerous Animal Attacks And How To Survive Them

10. Spiders

The small 8 legs creature with fluffy legs is no other than our beloved spider. The majority of the people don’t like them and even afraid of them. Spiders come in many sizes and spices. Some of them have deadly venom like the black widow which has venom that can kill many people from a single tear of her venom. Spider’s bite can be noticed only during or after you got bitten.

Flickr/Lee Fisher

If you spot a spider and you don’t know their spices (if it venomous or not), it is recommended to walk away or just try to kill them safely without exposing any skin to them while try killing them. You can also try and capture them in a container and throw them away. But if you already got bitten by a spider, here some steps to do:
First, try to capture or take a picture of the spider (it is important for the doctor to know what spider bites you), Then immediately clean the bite area with soap and water and finally, hop to your car and head straight to the hospital for special treatment.

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