The Most Dangerous Animal Attacks And How To Survive Them

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In the animal’s world, survival is crucial. This information is helpful whether you are about to encounter these dangerous animals or you are just curious about how to deal with these animals. I invite you to read this list of the world’s top predators and how to face them.

1. Grizzly Bears

Grizzly Bears are an enormous mammals that weight 1,500 pound, you should always prefer to avoid an attack from them. The majority of bear’s attack comes form a female bear that protects her cubs. So, if you encounter bear cubs it is highly recommended to leave quickly and quietly before the mom will show up and think you want to attack her cubs. It is also recommend to stay away from areas with bears in March and April when young grizzlies begin their adventure in the open wild area.

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But what if you can’t avoid the grizzly bear? Experts say that people should expose the chest by puff it out and remain calm and completely still. If that doesn’t work, lay down on the bely, cover your neck with your hands and play dead. Bear usually won’t get close to dead bodies.

2. Sharks

One of the biggest and dangerous animals in the sea are the sharks. Many people will say if a shark will approach them, they will try swim away. Sadly a shark will outswim every human being on earth. So, what people should do when a shark is approaching?

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Instead of swimming away from the shark, try to play dead by stay still with as little splashing as possible. If that doesn’t work, prepare to punch the shark. Sharks are extremely sensitive on their nose and in between their eyes.

3. Lions

According to many studies, lions are only actively hunting 4 hours a day, but this doesn’t say that lions are not dangerous. Lions, sadly, kill almost 250 people per year. So how we avoid or even fight back?

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The first step is to walk backward very slowly while keeping eye contact with the lion. Do not run, it will only trigger the lion to hunt you. Important to know that lions will engage with few fake attacks before really attacking their pray in order to confuse it. If they begin doing it, try to make yourself big by doing scary motions and a lot of noise. By doing this, a lion might give up and look for easier pray to hunt, after all they active for 4 hours a day.

4. Snakes

Snakes are one of the most feared creatures in all of the animal kingdom. Snakes can come in many sizes and species and some of them have deadly venom that can kill many people. But we can’t avoid the fact that the snakes also afraid from us. So how we both can live in harmony?

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Many if not the majority of the snakes start bite only when they feel in danger and if their enemy is getting too close to them, so watch your steps. Because snakes can blend and hide themselves, it is recommend to make a lot noises and look down to see any movements in the ground. Some of the snake can vibrate their tip of the tail and make sound which make it easier to spot them. If you spot a snake, wave goodbye and walk away.

5. Gorillas

Gorillas are not hostile to humans… Most of the time…
If anyone ever find himself in a situation where they are facing a gorilla and he starts beating their own chest, get ready to do the next thing…

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In the gorilla’s world is all about social hierarchy. Don’t challenge them, don’t run and don’t look them in the eyes. Show the gorilla you know who the boss is and show them respect as much as you can.

6. Crocodiles

We don’t know the official number of deaths caused by crocodiles, but some say it is around 200 deaths each year. Those powerful lizards mostly live in lakes and rivers.

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Sadly if you in the water and crocodile approach you, there is nothing you can do. Crocodiles can move incredibly fast under water and even on the ground. If you spot a crocodiles, just act as fast as you can and run away from the water and distance yourself from them. They usually won’t chase you on the ground, but if they do, run for your life in zig zag.

7. Scorpions

Do you think the bigger the predator the deadlier it is? Well, you are wrong. Scorpions is one of the deadliest creatures that cause 1,000 deaths every year. So, how we can avoid from a sting from their venomous tail?

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The best defense against scorpions is the preparations before even encountering one. It is recommended to wear thick jeans and high boots so their sting won’t be able to penetrate your thick cloths. Another advice is scorpions usually active and get out of their hiding places during night times or rainy days, so take extra precaution during your trip in the field when you notice upcoming rain or at night time.

8. Jellyfish

The unusual brainless jellyfish is one of the deadliest creatures we encounter on the beach and their sting is so painful and even can kill people without the right treatment.


There are some steps you should do to deal with after-effects of jellyfish’s sting before calling an ambulance. First of all, do not rub or scratch the stung area so the venom won’s spread quickly. Secondly, wash the salty water from you. Then neutralize the venom by putting vinegar with baking soda on the wound area.

9. Killer Bees

Some people are scare from get stung by a bee, but that I can assure you is safer (for people who are not allergic to bees) than getting stung by a killer bee. The best advice is to avoid from getting into a swarm of killer bees. But if you got yourself in this situation, here is the weirdest thing you are going to do to stay alive.


As I said, this is going to sound weird and against any human instinct. The U.S. Department of Agriculture suggest that you take of your shirt and cover your face if they Killer Bees start attack you. According to professional studies, we learned that human can survive over 1,100 stings at once.

10. Spiders

The small 8 legs creature with fluffy legs is no other than our beloved spider. Majority of the people don’t like them and even afraid of them. Spiders come with many sizes and spices. Some of them has deadly venom like the black widow which has venom that can kill many people from single tear of her venom. Spider’s bite can be noticed only during or after you got bitten.

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If you spot a spider and you don’t know their spices (if it venomous or not), it is recommend to walk away or just try to kill them safely without expose any skin to them while try killing them. You can also try and capture them in container and throw them away. But if you already got bitten by spider, here some steps to do:
First try capture or take a picture of the spider (it is important for the doctor to know what spider bite you), Then immediately clean the bite area with soap and water and finally, hop to your car and head straight to hospital for special treatment.


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