Global Myths That Modern Science Prove They Are Wrong

8. The Tongue Has ‘Taste Bud Zones’

We learned in school that our tongue is responsible for all the tastes we sense and that it is divided into parts where each part meant to sense a different kind of tastes like bitter, sweet, salty, and sour. This theory was invented 100 years ago by a German scientist named David Pauli Hanig. Surprisingly, this theory was made with bad taste.

Wikimedia Commons/TipolinaTucci

Research has shown impressive results, apparently, some taste buds are actually found in unpredictable places such as the top of our mouths and in our throats. It’s still true that some of our taste buds are placed on the tongue and these are more sensitive to specific tastes. These taste buds filled with receptor cells that send information to our brains and analyze which taste we encountered.