Parking Fails That Will Make You Cringe


Some people are terrible drivers to the level of making you wonder how they got driving license. Not only they make us hard times on the road, but we didn’t expect they also fail in the simplest task about driving, parking the car. And when I said fail on parking, I seriously mean it to the point it will make you cringe. Without a further ado, let’s get into the list we think will cause you cringe.

1. Parking on the water? No problem

What is better than going to the lake in a bright day, take your boat and relax? Well this person took it too seriously and brought their car into the boat as well.


They couldn’t find a parking spot for their car so they decide to take the car with them for sailing. They hoped to have their first car that can drive on land and surf on the water. This one of the most ridiculous parking spots we have ever seen.

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