What Can We Learn From 2020?

This year was one of those years that will be talked for ages. Every single thing that could go wrong, went wrong.

Each time we felt like this year couldn’t be more tragic, and once again, the impossible happened and we encountered a new event that made us think “It can’t be happening right now…”.

2020 started with the threats of world war 3, continued with the wild fires in Australia that ruined many forests in AU and harmed many endangered animal species, then we heard about the tragic helicopter crash of NBA legend Kobe Bryant, In March – April the Corona Virus changed our life forever – many lost their jobs, sports & music events canceled and over 700,000 people already died from this virus. Moreover, chemical factory in Lebanon exploded while killing over 200 innocent people and last but not least, we still have to deal with the economic crisis that will follow in the next month.

Yes…. That year was terrible so far, and it ain’t over yet…

But we can learn valuable lessons from this year:

Accept Change and Embrace It

Many people lost their jobs and will have to adapt to the new reality that we all live in. People will have to think about their future and look for opportunities to make a living. This change can be the best thing that ever happened to them – they might try different activities, follow their dreams and maybe even fall in love with a new occupation.

Plan For The Future And Invest

This economic crisis that just started is an important wake up call for all of us that everything might change in a blink of an eye. People who lived paycheck-to-paycheck now facing financial problems, and will have to figure out how they get out of this bad situation.

Educate yourself about financial freedom, look for opportunities to invest and always plan for the worst.

Learn How To Learn

In this dynamic world, you have to be able to acquire new skills as fast as possible. You need to learn how to do proper research, find trends and master a skill as fast as possible.


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