Wacom VR Pen

Wacom, a company which specializes in graphics tablets and related products, announced on their first unique graphic pen dedicated for Virtual Reality – The Wacom VR Pen. The new pen allows to the 3rd content creators to take their 3D arts from the tablets into the virtual world.

The Wacom VR Pen will be different from other Wacom’s pens since it will function from inside the virtual world. Wacom’s pens usually have pressure-sensitive technology when you press the pen on the tablet and can be controlled by the tablet’s buttons/functions. The VR Pen will come with unique buttons and functions that will replace the regular functions that other pens come with and won’t be depend on tablets.

The design of the VR Pen is like the other pens for 3d modeling. The unique design comes from the middle of the pen where there is ellipse shape grabbing handle where most of the buttons and function are there.

We can find a wheel above the ellipse for adjust the color for example, a unique pressure-sensitive button near the pen’s tip and more.

Source – Wacom

The VR Pen have unique Wacom standalone tracking system which allows it to have independent tracking system and can work with VR headsets. More than that, Wacom says the VR Pen will still have Tablet Support and function like any other regular Wacom’s pen.

Source – Wacom

Wacom haven’t officially announced on launch date or price tag of their new pen.

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