• When Pets Look Like Their Owners
    There is an old saying that when people connect to each other, like in marriage, they tend to start looking the same. Surprisingly it is not only happening between people, but also between pet owners and their furry best friends. We got a few pictures of owners and their pets with the same eyes color, … Read more
  • Trump is About to Build his own Social Media App – Is it Going to Become the Next Big Thing?
    Social media apps are being used by everyone nowadays, including many political figures. One of the most famous accounts on Twitter until recently was that of former president Donald Trump. However, this account and many of his other social media accounts were banned following the capitol riots on Jan 6, but we might see him … Read more
  • Facebook Showcases Wristbands AR Interface Concept
    When it comes to innovative concepts and building next-generation human-computer interface (HCI) technology, Facebook never fails to surprise us. The Silicon Valley tech-giant has been trying its hands to make the most of Artificial Intelligence and create products that may change the way we perceive the world right now (quite literally!). In its brand new … Read more
  • Actor Who Changed The Script – Part 1
    Actors who are full of passion will take any role that is given to them.  But there are some talented actors that managed to rewrite their character’s role to match their preferences. Those actors made their character much more memorable. Without further ado, let’s see who these stars are.
  • Celebrities without Makeup Part 2
    We continue the list of celebrities’ pictures without makeup. Let’s get started –
  • The Priciest Cars From The Screens Part 1
    Some cars are the core and the spotlights of a tv show or a films. Those cars became as popular as characters themselves! Technically, what’s Batman without his Batmobile? or James Bond without his Aston Martin? We created list of the priciest cars from TV shows and films. Without any further ado let’s get started.
  • Celebrities without Makeup Part 1
    Everyone, especially women, use makeup. To encourage people to love their own skin and endorse self-love, some celebrities posted pictures of themselves without any makeup on the social media. We created a list of some of them and split it to 2 parts, be sure to catch part 2 as well!
  • America’s Highest-Paying Jobs In 2020
    2020 was an unusual year which brought us all a very unpredictable job climate. This year made many individuals reposition in order to survive the crisis. Apparently, there was good side to it, some people explore their new possibilities and hobbies that became a job. We listed some of the highest-paying jobs in America in … Read more
  • Cheating Athletes And Coaches Part 1
    Sports can bring out the best and the worst in the people. There is really noting wrong with little competition, but how far would a player is willing to pay or do to get that victory? There have been some cheating athletes over the years, some of them were sneaky enough to slowly become legends … Read more
  • Cheating Athletes And Coaches Part 2
    The list of the cheating athletes and coaches in the world of sports, continues. Without any more discussion let’s get into it.
  • Wedding Fails That Will Make You Smile And Laugh
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  • Two Actros That Played An Iconic Character Part 2
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  • The Bars You Always Wanted To Visit
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  • Parking Fails That Will Make You Cringe
    Some people are terrible drivers to the level of making you wonder how they got driving license. Not only they make us hard times on the road, but we didn’t expect they also fail in the simplest task about driving, parking the car. And when I said fail on parking, I seriously mean it to … Read more
  • Two Actros That Played An Iconic Character Part 1
    Since the beginning of 20th century, Hollywood has been introducing us to so many iconic characters and proved us that even old stories can be successful in the modern era. When we talk about old movies and their remake, it is obvious that more than 1 actor played the main role. The question is – … Read more