The Most Demanded Freelance Jobs

Covid-19 changed the game forever.

Many businesses has to cut in expenses in order to survive, but in the same time, they have to control the digital marketplace in order to provide remote services and keep on selling while people locked in their houses.

The scary part is that the economic pandemic hasn’t even started yet… Businesses, if they want to survive and grow, must develop flexibility and be ready to cut expenses or grow as fast as possible.

The first change we seen is that many business prefer to keep their employees in their homes and experts think that WFH (working from home) is here to stay. So if you want to blend in, you must develop the right self discipline to work from home and be efficient.

Besides that, many reports shows that business started to outsource their task to freelancers. Fiverr show 17% growth of supply and demand in the freelance market.

Here’s a list of the most demanded jobs you can acquire to startup you WFH career –

Build Websites –

Many businesses didn’t have a solid website that explain what the company does and how you can use their services. As you might expect, these business suffered the most during the pandemic. You don’t have to be an expert in order to control this environment – there are simple tools that you can use – WIX, Worldpress and Shopify among many others.

App Developers –

We spend the majority of our time in front of mobile devices. Applications can be the best way for a comany to interact with their clients and grow.

You can learn developing online for free on YouTube.

CopyWriters –

When human interaction is affected by social distancing, one good way to communicate with your current and future customers is by writing. It can be a sales page or a thank you email, the bottom line is that you can get the right attention with a well written script.

You can work as a Social Media Marketer, Article writer and so on.

ChatBot Development –

In today’s world, Chatbots are being use more and more in many business and service providers. Some of them are much more complex then other but it can be pretty simple. The Chatbot has simple tasks such as collecting leads, collect people inquires and in some cases even provide a technical solution.

Because this field show insane growth over the past few years, it will be easy to find the right information to learn it.

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