The Best Video Games To Teach Kids About Money

When it comes to teaching kids about money, various methods have been tried, from classic game and role-playing to traditional money lessons. However, one of the best ways to help kids learn critical financial and math skills is through video games. Video games can provide an engaging atmosphere where kids can learn the basics of personal finance and manage money in a fun and dynamic way.

By combining the elements of entertainment and education, these educational video games can teach kids money management skills and how to budget their money, save money for a goal, invest wisely, or even manage a business. With so many options available on different platforms like smartphones and computers, parents can easily find the perfect game that helps their children develop an understanding of money management and financial knowledge.


The Sims 4

The Sims 4 is an excellent choice for teaching kids about money and how to manage their income. This game is one of the most successful video game franchises. This fun game allows players to customize their own characters, choose a profession, have virtual store and go to work. Through this experience, they can earn money skills and make investments according to their own budget. By managing their own money wisely in The Sims 4, kids can amass wealth, upgrade their living conditions, and gain valuable knowledge on how to make the most of their finances.

Furthermore, this interactive game also teaches kids important lessons on budgeting, managing money and spending responsibly as they can easily lose their possessions if they don’t manage their personal finance properly. With its realism and focus on income management, The Sims 4 makes it one of the best video games for teaching kids about money.


Financial Football

Financial Football is the perfect way to teach younger kids about financial literacy. Not only does it provide a fun and interactive way for children to learn important financial concepts, but also encourages them to think critically about how to manage their own finances. Players need to answer personal finance questions.. The interactive football game features 3D graphics and new audibles, blitzes and game-breaking plays that give players more control over their decisions.

Additionally, Financial Football offers an entertaining way for parents to engage with their children on the topic of money. All while teaching them valuable skills in the process. The game is easy enough for younger players, yet challenging enough for experienced gamers. Making it accessible to all ages. With its fast-paced action and engaging gameplay, Financial Football provides a great financial education platform to help teach kids about money in a hands-on manner that they won’t easily forget.

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The Stock Market Game

The Stock Market Game is the perfect way to teach high school students about money. It helps them understand the basics of investing and financial literacy, teaching them important lessons such as diversification and long-term investing. This board game also encourages users to make informed investment decisions based on current market news.

With the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels offered in The Stock Market Game, students of all ages and skill levels can find something that works for them. Plus, with its fun and interactive format, it’s a great way to keep young people engaged while they learn about money management. The Stock Market Game Board Games is an ideal way to help kids become financially literate from a young age which will surely benefit them in the future.



Payback is an innovative and engaging way for kids to learn about money and the importance of financial responsibility. The Payback game is urging students who plan to attend college to consider the impact of student loan debt on their finances. The game allows players to simulate taking out student loans in order to pay for college and explore how those decisions can affect their long-term financial health.

By playing Payback, kids gain a better understanding of the consequences that come with taking on debt – from living expenses to credit scores – making them more financially savvy when they reach adulthood. Plus, this game offers an extra incentive for young players as there’s a chance to win up to $125,000 in scholarship money! In addition, the game has been translated into both English and Spanish, providing learners with the opportunity to learn regardless of their native language. The Payback game is certainly one of the best video games out there for teaching kids about money and making sure they become financially literate adults.

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The best video games for teaching kids about money are those that provide an interactive, engaging format to help them understand the basics of investing and financial literacy. From Financial Football’s 3D graphics and new audibles, blitzes, and game-breaking plays to Payback’s real-life simulations of taking out student loans – these amazing video games can open up a world of possibilities for children when it comes to learning how to manage their finances responsibly. With so many great options available today, there’s no excuse not to get your child started on this important journey towards becoming financially literate. Make their learning about money fun!

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