Spooky Free Games for PlayStation and Xbox This October


Halloween is coming and both Sony and Microsoft prefer unusual games for their premium members on PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold.

Every month those members can receive and download different free games that can be granted with in the current month that Sony and Xbox publish those games.

They can play those games as along they are premium members.

Halloween is celebrated at the end of October so it affected the companies’ picks the free games for this month.

PlayStation Plus

Need For Speed: Payback

From October 6th, you will be able to download one of the legendary racing.
Pick one of the 3 characters (each one and their car set) and roll out through heist mission, cars showdown, escape police’s pursuits await you and enjoy many mission and great story line in an open world game.


In the same day you will be able to download the horror game Vampyr.
Vampyr is an action game from the creator of “Life is Strange” that happen in London 1918.

This game is about doctor who became a vampire. You will decide if you want to be good or evil, to help the people in the city so they will reward you with stuffs and missions or if you going to eat them to gain power to fight bigger darkness threats that emerging in streets in London. Be aware every decision you make will impact and affect the storyline – so choose wisely.

Xbox Live Gold: Games With Gold

Start from October 1st you can download Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut, puzzle game based on horror movies from the 80s. You will be play as the Skullface and the main goal is to terrorize teenagers at summer camp. The game includes close to 300 puzzles. Are you ready to take those poor young souls?

On October 1st you can download the classic XBOX game “Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy”. You will be play as the Sphinx and a mummy as your partner and you both go to an adventure to seek for Egypt’s magical treasures which will help you both to save the world

On October 16th you will be able to download “Maid Of Sker”, a first person survival horror game. You arrive to a frightening and cursed hotel.

Your goal is to sneak around and avoid the monsters. Be aware that those monsters are blind and use mostly their hearing sense. So if you make to much noise around them, they will hunt you down.

To lightened the mood, Microsoft shares a friendly Halloween game for kids called Costume Quest.


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