Resident Alien

SYFY, an American cable channel, launched their first trailer for a comedy sci-fi tv show – Resident Alien starring by Alan Tudyk (“Rogue One,” “Firefly”).

The tv series follows Harry Wenderspigel (Alan), a doctor that lives in small town and lives a normal life, but the doctor is an actual alien that was sent for a secret mission to extinct mankind on earth.

Harry with his luck got himself into murder mystery investigation that happened in the town, and now he has to blend more with the locals, so they won’t suspect that he is the murder. The more Harry get close to humankind the more he starts question himself about existence of humankind.

Source – SYFY

The tv series is based on a comic book made by Dark Horse and directed into a TV screens by Steven Spielberg’s company and universal studio. The uniqueness about Resident Alien is that it combines a few genres: drama ,crime, mysteries and all this warp up with crazy comedy by the creator of the series – Chris Sheridan known as a screenwriter of “Family Guy”.

Source – SYFY

The other actors that will play along with Alan Tudyk are Sara Tomko (“Once Upon a Time”), Elizabeth Bowen (“Fargo”), Corey Reynolds(“The Closer”) and Alice Wetterlund(“Silicon Valley”).

The tv show Resident Alien will be launch on January 27th in USA, earlier this year SYFY released the first 7 minutes of the first episode:

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