Philips Brand New Gaming Monitors

MMD-Monitors Corporate, which is ownership by Philips’s monitors productions, announced on 2 new gaming monitors from the Philips E series – the Philips 242E1GAEZ and the Philips 272E1GAEZ. The monitors come in 23.8-inch and 27-inch, offer 1ms response time with refresh rate of 144Hz and AMD’s FreeSync Premium.

Some key Features –

  • Thin frame
  • VA panel for fast refresh rate of 144Hz, better color reproduction, higher maximum brightness, and better viewing angles.
  • Offer response time up to 1ms
  • Resolution of Full HD 1920×1080
  • Support AMD’s FreeSync Premium for lag free experience.
Source – Philips

Philips 242E1GAEZ and Philips 272E1GAEZ monitors have unique display mode for games that is call SmartImage Game Mode which matches the screen mode to the gaming situations/genres such as First Player Shooting (FPS), Racing, Strategies and more.

In addition to that, like every new other Philips monitors we can find the Ultra Wide-Color technologic for wider spectrum of colors and more high-quality resolution display support on wide screens. The monitors also have LowBlue mode for blue filter for healthy eyes protection, Flicker-Free for reduction of exhaustion from long time Infront screens, and SmartContrast technologic for automatic adjustment of bright and contrast of the screen along with content the monitors display.

Source – Philips

The brand-new monitors Philips 242E1GAEZ and Philips 272E1GAEZ will be available by the end of November. The price tag for the 24-inch model will be 189 euros and 239 euros for the 27-inch model.

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