Peaky Blinders’ Season 5 is Almost Completed

Anthony Byrne, show’s director, said the 5th season of Peaky Blinders is ‘getting closer’ to completion. He also posted this photo on Instagram –

The new member of the cast for the upcoming season, Anya Taylor-Joy, commented: “Goooooooooo Ant! Rock it man.”

The upcoming season was finished filming already in January this year.

But since then, the BBC has remained tight-lipped about when we can expect series five to appear on our screens, meaning all we know for sure is that it will be released at some point this year.

In an Instagram Q&A, Finn, who played by Harry Kirton hinted the show may returning in the next months

Saying – “Peaky is probably coming out at the other end of this year. So, September/October time. I’m very excited and you should be too. Finn has to grow up (in the new) season.”

Steven Knight, who created the show, in an interview with the Birmingham Mail in 2018, hinted: “We are going into the 30s now. There is so much stuff happening, so why not finish the job? The depression and the rise of fascism form part of the storyline. It is setting those things up. In the 30s across Europe and Britain there was the rise of fascism.”

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