Oppo Concept Phone with Three Hinges

Oppo exposed a new folding device which will come with 3 hinges that will allow it to fold and open to different sizes with different screen size and different functions. The concept designed by the Japanese design studio “Nendo”.

Source – OPPO

According to Oppo, the device concept allows to “slide” of the device parts with the 3 hinges. First fold will expose small part of the full screen (44 mm) and will display basic functional tasks such as display watch, notification, access to dialing list and media player.

Source – OPPO

The second fold will expose 80mm of screen and from this display we can view photos we took or even take selfie with the camera that pop up on the top of the screen when we fold to this part of the screen. In addition to that, even games the support small screen are available via this size screen.

Source – OPPO

The third fold and the last will expose the full screen of the device with all the abilities from the previous folds and all the abilities that standard modern phone have.

Just to mention, this is just a concept. For now, it is unknown if Oppo will use this concept for their real future products.

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