Nvidia Announces Nvidia Grace, A Brand New ARM CPU For the Data Center

On 12 April, Nvidia released an update announcing that it is developing a new ARM-based processor. The last Nvidia CPU launch was the Project Denver CPU and its associated Tegra K1 mobile processors in 2014.

The wait is finally over, as the company is working on a high-powered CPU called Nvidia Grace. After tech giant Apple introduced its first ARM processor for its products, Nvidia is set to follow the footsteps of its own CPU. It is going to be an ARM-based processing chip that Nvidia is especially creating for AI data centers.

Read on to know the complete details about it!

Nvidia Grace: All The Details You Need to Know

Nvidia Grace will be the first-ever data center CPU by the company. This ARM-based processor will be highly efficient. It will deliver 10x the performance of the fastest servers of the present day. It will also support some of the most complex AI and high-performance computing.

The company states that more than 10,000 years of engineering have gone into the design of Nvidia Grace. Nvidia has built this CPU to effectively address the computing needs of some of the world’s most advanced applications. This includes AI-based computing and supercomputing applications. They work by analyzing massive datasets that require ultra-fast performance and robust, large memory.

In fact, the high-powered Nvidia Grace processor will have energy-efficient ARM CPU cores and a low-power memory subsystem. This innovative configuration will allow it to deliver performance suitable for super-advanced applications with great speed and efficiency.

The inspiration behind Grace is in fact, the United States’ computer-programming pioneer Grace Hopper. Nvidia Grace aims to cater to the needs of a niche segment of computing.

ARM is swiftly becoming more and more popular in the consumer computing world. It’s also giving tough competition to the famous Intel processors. Intel saw a fall in the value of its shares just after Nvidia announced the Grace.

What Will Be The Release Date of The ARM-based Nvidia Grace?

Although this is exciting, we still have to anticipate for this brand new Nvidia Grace 2023. Moreover, the company says that a new Grace Next is also on the roadmap for 2025.

We’ll have to wait for its official launch to discover what Nvidia’s ARM-powered CPU will offer.

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