Nothing Phone 1: Everything You Need To Know

Nothing Phone 1

The Nothing Phone 1 is the latest in a string of new phones that have been released this year. There have been a lot of talks regarding the new phone model as many are interested in what this phone has to offer.

This phone is one of the flagship phones and is considered a mid-range phone, we will discuss here how it is different or stand out from other android devices. From its design, night mode features, specs, battery life, camera, reverse wireless charging, and Glyph Interface to the storage system, we will cover it all.

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Nothing Phone 1: Release Date and Price

As speculated to be launched this year, Nothing Phone 1 has been launched this July 21. Nothing Phone 1 will be available in more than 40 countries including the UK, Europe, Japan, and India. Please note that this phone is not available in the United States at the moment.

There are no specific answers why it is not available in the US but some say that their reasons behind it could be related to carriers. The 8+128GB model has a price that starts at €469. If you are to choose the 8+256GB model, it will cost you €499. For 12+256GB the price is €549. Upon purchase, you can have a pre-applied tempered glass screen protector and USB C cable.


Nothing Phone 1: Design

The design of Nothing Phone 1 comes with Dual-side Gorilla Glass that gives it a sleek and tough look with added protection. It comes with an advanced vibration motor, symmetrical bezels, and an aluminum frame.

What makes this phone unique is its see-through glass design. It comes in two color designs, the white and black variants.

Nothing Phone 1: Display

There are a lot of unique features that come with Nothing Phone 1. This includes its 900 LEDs on the back, which add appeal to the phone display. Its light strips surround and fill light that lightens the camera module, the wireless charging coil, the top right corner, and beneath the charging coil.

Nothing Phone 1 comes with a 120Hz OLED display with 1 billion colors. This makes its display have a powerfully true-to-life hue and color. This phone comes with a 6.55” OLED display, with HDR10+ that gives it a richer color and deeper contrasts, tuned to each scene.

Nothing Phone 1: Glyph Interface

One of the features that Nothing Phone 1 offers is the Glyph Interface. It comes with a new way to communicate for its unique light patterns indicate calls, notifications, and alarms. With its unique Glyph Interface pattern, you will know whose calling is even if your phone is in silent mode.

With the Glyph Interface feature, you can filter emails and messages from calls. For incoming notifications, you can dim the light for lesser disturbance. If you go to the Glyph Interface settings menu, you can customize the notifications on your phone.


Nothing Phone 1: Performance and Specs

Nothing Phone 1 offers the best software features, performance, and specs as other devices. This phone is good for everyday use is best for playing games and can compete with other gaming phones.

This phone is considered a mid-range phone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G+ chipset. It has 8 RAM + 128 GB, 8 RAM + 256 GB, and 12 RAM + 256 GB memory capacity.

Nothing Phone 1: Battery life and Reverse Wireless Charging

You can enjoy the best battery life performance with Nothing Phone 1. You will enjoy it’s fast and reverse wireless charging features.

Nothing Phone one comes with good battery life as with one charging, you can use the phone for up to 18 hours. It has a good battery capacity for just 30 minutes, you can have 50% power.

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Nothing Phone 1: Camera

Nothing Phone 1 has two cameras. It has a large main camera sensor and ƒ/1.8 aperture that offers bright and realistic captures that are best for taking pictures and video recording.

Its decent cameras come with an expansive shot with a 114° field of view and intelligent features like Scene Detection and Night Mode. This phone offers a good camera app with its quality main camera and front camera.


Nothing Phone 1 is a good phone with nothing to lose with a lot of interesting features compared to most phones. It has good features, performance, and specs. With its see-through design, you can have a new way to communicate with others. Its glyph lights add appeal to the phone’s portrait mode display and it has a 6.55” OLED display. it offers great camera features due to its high-quality main camera and front camera, with night mode features. You can also enjoy it’s fast and reverse charging feature. This phone is among the mid-range phones and is among the first phone to offer great quality features like the Glyph Interface.

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