Microsoft Reveals The Surface Duo

This new smart phone of Microsoft is going to arrive at the fans’ hands about a year after the announcement of it. But the price tag might scare most of the fans…

It was about a year ago that Microsoft decided to join the folding smartphones trend – and revealed the Surface Duo – double screen smartphone. Now we got the price and its release date.

The Surface Duo is a smaller version of the Surface Neo, 2-in-1 device that was announce along the Duo and it include 2 5.6-inch screens and it is open like a book.

You will be able to turn the phone 360° (with another screen at the back) or have an 8.3-inch screen when both screens are open.

The regular version of the Duo will arrive with Snapdragon 855, 6GB of RAM and a storage of 256GB.

The smartphone won’t support 5G but LTE. The battery is pretty disappointing, only 3577mAh, way smaller than the battery of the Galaxy Fold. Microsoft claims that the battery should last a full day, and will survive 15.5 of video watching (from memory, not streaming), 10 hours of stand-by and 27 calls.

The device is equipped with 11-Mega Pixel camera with HDR and Super-Zoom of x7. The video recording will be in 4K and 1080p (Samsung just released the Note 20 that will support video recording in 8k).

The price tag is the most surprising feature of this interesting device – $1400. Yes, you read it right. This price is completely unreasonable for this old specs. T

The device will be available on Sep 10th.

This device is the first mobile device Microsoft made since the Windows Phone in 2007.

Its price tag might make it hard to be sold and even already doomed it to faliure, but Microsoft believes its device and developed API to allow developers creates apps for the dual screen phone.

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