Linux Vs The World

What is Linux?

Linux is and operation system which considered to be one of the most used OS on the market. Linux is open sourced – therefore it is free.

You might used Linux yourself without even knowing it. Between 30-70% of websites are generated by Linux running servers.

We collected 4 reasons why Linux is better than Windows –

Free of Charge

As opposed to Windows, Linux is free to use. Microsoft charge for a licence to their OS. The cost might change from desktops to servers. On Linux it doesn’t matter at all, all Linux versions are free for desktop as well as for servers.

For personal use, one Windows licence doesn’t seem that big of a deal. But for a company, that must purchase a licence to each and every employee or server, it can cost thousands of dollars.

Linux is open sourced OS while Windows is not. Therefore, you will be able to modify your OS in case you need to. Some Linux distributors do charge some money for support, but these fees are neglect-able compared to Windows.


When it comes to reliability, Linux wins this fight once again. With sophisticated design and security mechanism, this OS has amazing up-time. Linux distributors release updates consistently which help keep the OS secured.

Linux systems are known for running non stop without any restart request. This detail is crucial when working with servers.


You got and old computer that is not working so well? No problem at all!

Linux is known for lower system requirement compared to Windows. It requires less RAM, Storage etc. Multiple Hardware companies already stated to make drivers and hardware that is suitable for Linux.

One thing is clear, when running Windows of MacOS on older computer, it will work much slower than running Linux.

Linux Is Taking Over The World

This OS is install on almost every device you know. It can be installed on old computers or super computers, it can be installed in planes, cars, satellites, smartwatches, phones, routers, TV, Cameras.

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