Leak: GeForce RTX 3000 Mobility

According to new leaks that came up from Wccftech ( a website that leaked Nvidia’s presentation pages), we can understand that Nvidia is about to announce on their new laptop graphic card – The GeForce RTX 3000 Mobility that will be based on Ampere core.

The new laptop graphic cards will come as mobile version of the 3000 desktop graphic cards series, GTX 3060, GTX 3070 and GTX 3080.

The leak also includes the price tag of the certain laptops that will acquire the individual graphic card with price tag starting at $999.

Source -Nvidia

The RTX 3000 Mobility come to replace the RTX 2000 series and the RTX 2000 Super and align with the desktop graphic card 3000 series. Among the mobile version cards, we have:

  • RTX 3080 – will be based on GN20-E7 core with 6144 CUDA cores, memory size of 8GB or 16GB and memory type will be GDDR6X.
  • RTX 3070 – will be based on GN20-E5 core with 588 CUDA cores, memory size of 8GB and memory type will be GDDR6X.
  • RTX 3060 – will be based on GN20-E3 core with unknown number of CUDA cores, memory size of 8GB and memory type will be GDDR6X.  

No reports about if GeForce GTX 3090 will get a mobile version.

Source – Wccftech

The interesting this is that we can find in the leaks is that the recommend price tag for each laptop that acquire the new RTX 3000 mobility GPU.

For example, the laptops that will come with the new graphic cards will start at $999 with GTX 3060 and Core i5 or Ryzen 5.

Source – Wccftech

All we can do for now is to wait for the official announcement from Nvidia on January to confirm those leaks.

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