Dji Pocket 2 – Mini 4k Camera Recorder

Dji ,which is known for aerial photography systems, announced on their new camera – Dji Pocket 2 – 2nd generation for their pocket stable camera that equipped with 64-megapixel camera that able to record up to 4k UHD video, 4 built in microphones for better audio recording and special accessories that come in the camera package.

The new Pocket 2 will replace Dji Osmo Pocket the came out in 2018. The Pocket 2 has almost the same design as its ancestor, but equipped with three-axis gimbal. Other than that, the Pocket 2 comes with larger 1/1.7-inch image sensor compared to the previous generation that came with 1/2.3-inch sensor. The new lens offers an aperture of f/1.8 with the max ability to record video is 4K/60fps and Full HD on slow mode that can reach to 240 fps.

The Pocket 2 comes with new ability to record video on HDR mode with quality of 2.7k on 30fps and Full HD on x8 zoom. The camera also will be equipped with 875mAh battery and offer 140 minutes of record. The charge time of the battery will be 73 mins.

Dji Pocket 2 will support many Dij’s updated options to record videos such as-

  • Pro Mode to take professional videos with manual adjustments by the users
  • ActiveTrack 3.0 that let the camera auto track objects when the user press on the screen and command the camera to lock on the object.
  • Slow mode and fast mode records
  • Panoramic photography 180° that combine 4 pictures together or 3×3 panoramic mode that combine 9 pictures
  • “Story Mode” for short videos and fast upload records to social media.
Source – DJI

The new Camera DJI Pocket 2 will be available in standard edition for $349 or Creator Combo kit edition that comes with a wide-angle lens, wireless microphone with windscreen, DJI’s Do-It-All handle, and a micro tripod for $499.

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