AOC New 31.5-inch Carved Gaming Displays

AOC lately announced on 2 new 31.5-inch carved gaming monitors form the G2 series -the CQ32G2SE comes with QHD resolutions and the C32G2AE comes with Full HD Resolutions.

Both monitors come with refresh rate of 165Hz and response time of 1ms with support in AMD’s FreeSync Premium.

Source – AOC

Both monitors will come with minimalist design in carved style of 1500R for high gaming experience. Both screens support up to 123% of color protocol sRGB and combined built in w5 speakers.

Source – AOC

The new monitors will come with VA panel, the CQ32G2SE model comes with 1080×1920 resolution display while the CQ32G2SE model comes with 1440×2560 QHD resolution display. Both have refresh rate of 165Hz and response time of 1ms (MPRT).

The new G2 monitor series will be equipped with updated AMD’s FreeSync Premium technologic, Low Input Lag mode for more responsiveness, Low Blue Light for blue light filter and Flicker-Free to prevent spikes/lag movements on display.

Source – AOC

The brand-new monitors AOC C32G2AE and AOC CQ32G2SE will be available starting at 249 euros.

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