Android 11 Will Have A Build-in Call Recording Feature

More and more signs shows that call recording will become a built in feature on Android phone.

If you look at call recording from a technological point of view, it is not something so complex, but due to some privacy issues, Google and Apple made it harder to have calls recorded on their systems. So these are some good news for all the Android users.

While for iPhone users it seems like an impossible mission, on Android it was also an issue. Since Android Pie 9 this became harder and harder. Today it requires 3rd party apps that uses different techniques like recording the speaker or performing root to the device. Because of that most recording has bad quality and other issues.

But it about to change… Probably…

On January, this feature was installed on Google’s Pixel and in the last few days it also arrived to the Android One devices – this is an operation system that gets frequent updates from Google and installed mostly on Nokia and Xiaomi devices. Nokia users in India reported on their ability to record calls directly from the phone without using any external app.

The good news comes from the company NLL, that is responsible for one of the most successful recording apps in the world. They announced –

“Here are our early findings about call recording feature on Android 11

  • Some features which are available in Developer previews might not make to the final version of Android. However, we are confident that call recording will be available in the final version of Android 11.
  • Call recording will only be possible with default dialer/phone app.
  • You will have to change your system default dialer/phone app with another one that supports call recording.
  • Apps that are solely designed to be call recordin apps will not work. Unfortunately ACR call recorder app will not work either.
  • Luckily were working on a dialer app since last year!

We have tested and are able to record both sides of conversation in stereo mode. Call recording works with Bluetooth headset, earphones and Wi-Fi calling!”

So apparently will just need to wait a bit to see how things develop.

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