Amazing Transformation – Man Loses 140 pounds with Slimming World Diet

In order to have a healthy lifestyle, Ben Green who weighed 350 pounds loses almost half of his body weight, an eyepopping 140 pound(!!) and achieved his goal and became a runner.

After dealing with health issues for over 20 years, Ben decided to take control over his life. He says – “I had been obese since I was 11-years-old and have had to deal with health complications for 22 years. My mobility was suffering and I had to wear ankle supports all the time. I was in constant pain.”

Green says he turned to food as a solution to deal with stress. Ben added – “We were getting passed between parents and getting treated all the time. We didn’t ever sit down for a family meal. My Nan lost her life because of obesity. She became bed-bound and spent her last year unable to do anything but lie on her sofa because of her mobility and pain.”

As expected he used to be bullied in school – “I got punched in the face on my first day of secondary school. There have been times where people have wound down car windows to shout abuse to me.”

Ben explains: “You think, as a man, that it’s just for women – but as soon as I walked through the doors my eyes were opened. There were pictures of men and stories about men who had lost weight – and I wanted to be like them.”

His results are pretty amazing – lost 140 pounds, over 1.15 feet in his chest and 1.8 from his waist.

Green shares: “I always dreamed of being a runner, of crossing the finish line and getting a medal. I lost four stone in 10 weeks and that have me a huge confidence boost and I noticed my pain was going. When I’d lost six or seven stone I stopped using my ankle supports. My ambition was that I wanted to break the cycle of premature deaths in my family because of obesity. I wanted to educate my children in healthy eating and how to have a healthy lifestyle. Now, they cook with me in the kitchen and they love to help me prepare meals.”

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