After Only The 1st Season, Lifetime Decided to Cancel ‘American Princess’

It is now official – American Princess won’t have a 2nd season. First reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

Jamie Denbo was the creator, writer and executive producer. The story is about Amanda (played by Georgia Flood), who runs away from her wedding once realizing she is not where she wanted to be. An unexpected event happened that made her feel more alive than ever before – she got to a Renaissance Faire. In this Faire, she engage with new people, creating new friendships , falls in love and gained few enemies on the way.

The show received a fair rating in both IMDB (6.1/10) and Rotten Tomatoes but the amount of people to rate the show is significantly low (about 500 people combined!) and on Youtube the trailer gained only about 125,000 views (while the Lifetime’s Youtube account has 3.3 million subscribers)

Jenji Kohan and Tara Herrmann also were executive producers. IM Global Television and A+E Studios produced the show.

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