Adobe Photoshop Camera

Don’t you want to make each and every photo you take more attractive with a push of a button? Now you can!

On November 2019, Adobe shared with the world their plans to create a mobile app that will help consumers to edit photos easily. Now, Adobe Photoshop Camera is available on Apple’s app store and on Google Play.

Abhay Parasnis, Adobe CTO, said to The Verge that Adobe’s goal was “Bring the magic of Photoshop directly to your camera’s viewfinder”. According to Parasnis, Adobe doesn’t want to compete with social media apps, and he even hinted that Adobe might even work with those social media companies to add Adobe’s filters to the app.

When you hear the word Adobe you might think you will have the same features as the desktop app has, but unfortunately, you don’t. The features that available are pretty common on editing apps – adjust contrast, exposure, saturation, nothing too special. The uniqueness of this app is the “magic wand”, which changes the picture for you.

The user interface is very friendly – When you start the app you will see more than 5 different filters such as food filter and face filter, when each one consists of multiple variations.

This app meant to save time and help people with no editing skill to edit a photo in few seconds and get a nice results that they will enjoy sharing with their friends.

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