• “I’m Using Cryptocurrencies,” Says Mila Kunis
    Everyone has been raving about using cryptocurrency. Actress Mila Kunis reveals how she started investing in Bitcoin 8 years ago with her husband, Ashton Kutcher. While the world is going gaga over cryptocurrency and bitcoin, actress Mila Kunis shed some light on her Bitcoin investment on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Thursday. She … Read more
  • Fourth Captain America Movie On The Way?
    Disney is rumored to have a fourth Captain America film in the works. Fans are eagerly waiting for any confirmation on the film from the makers of The Falcon and Winter Soldier. Captain America fans are in for a treat. Disney is setting the stage for a fourth Captain America movie. This movie will be … Read more
  • Apple Spring Loaded: The 5 Biggest Announcements
    Apple Spring Loaded Event announced some major news about the new iPads, iMacs and so much more. take a look at the top 5 announcements, and what Apple has in store for the season! Apple’s “Spring Loaded” event was a much-awaited one. In fact, it was teeming with exciting announcements about iPads, iMacs, and everything … Read more
  • Disney’s Robot Groot: A Breathtaking Creation
    Disney’s Imagineering team, the R&D staff, are nothing short of magic workers. They have come up with unique and expressive robots in the past, but they have outdone themselves with the latest bipedal robot Groot. With “Project Kiwi,” Disney has been trying to create autonomous robot actors for its parks. It took the engineers years … Read more
  • Find Your COVID-19 Vaccine with Alexa
    With COVID-19 forcing the world to retreat into homes yet again, vaccination seems to be the only way out. Amazon’s Alexa-enabled devices can now help you find the nearest vaccination sites. How to Use Alexa to find Covid-19 Vaccination Sites The company announced that users can ask “Alexa, where can I get a COVID vaccine?”, … Read more
  • Turkey Bans Crypto for Payments, Bitcoin and Other Tokens Plummet
    Bitcoin fell sharply on Friday, following the Central bank of the Republic of Turkey’s (CBRT) decision to ban cryptocurrencies for payments. The rule comes into effect from the 30th of April. Bitcoin dropped 4.6 percent on Friday. Other crypto tokens like ETH also fell significantly. Turkey’s crypto market had gained momentum recently, and this decision … Read more
  • Nvidia Announces Nvidia Grace, A Brand New ARM CPU For the Data Center
    On 12 April, Nvidia released an update announcing that it is developing a new ARM-based processor. The last Nvidia CPU launch was the Project Denver CPU and its associated Tegra K1 mobile processors in 2014. The wait is finally over, as the company is working on a high-powered CPU called Nvidia Grace. After tech giant … Read more
  • Nuro’s Self-Driving Robot Is All Set to Home–Deliver Domino’s Pizza to Customers in Houston
    Domino’s is all set to introduce a self-driving robot as its brand new pizza deliverer! Yes, you read that right. On 12 April, the popular pizza company, Domino’s, announced that it would start the home delivery of pizzas via the driverless cars of Nuro. This pilot program will only be accessible to the customers in … Read more
  • Sacramento Kings set to Become the First to Offer A Bitcoin Option to Their Players.
    It’s no secret that cryptocurrency is becoming more popular every day. However, Bitcoin has never been a mainstream currency. Well, all of that might change soon if this move by the Sacramento Kings acts as an indication. This NBA franchise has made previous moves to be more crypto-forward. In 2014 they allowed Bitcoin payments for … Read more
  • When Pets Look Like Their Owners
    There is an old saying that when people connect to each other, like in marriage, they tend to start looking the same. Surprisingly it is not only happening between people, but also between pet owners and their furry best friends. We got a few pictures of owners and their pets with the same eyes color, … Read more
  • Trump is About to Build his own Social Media App – Is it Going to Become the Next Big Thing?
    Social media apps are being used by everyone nowadays, including many political figures. One of the most famous accounts on Twitter until recently was that of former president Donald Trump. However, this account and many of his other social media accounts were banned following the capitol riots on Jan 6, but we might see him … Read more
  • Facebook Showcases Wristbands AR Interface Concept
    When it comes to innovative concepts and building next-generation human-computer interface (HCI) technology, Facebook never fails to surprise us. The Silicon Valley tech-giant has been trying its hands to make the most of Artificial Intelligence and create products that may change the way we perceive the world right now (quite literally!). In its brand new … Read more