• Best Robot Vacuums of 2021
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  • Best Instant Cameras of 2021
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  • Amazon Echo Show 15: Everything to Know
    Amazon held its annual event last September with the launch of many products, which include Amazon Astro, Amazon Glow, and the all-new Echo Show 15. Today, it’s safe to say that Amazon is getting closer and closer to creating a full-fledged smart home with its own operating system and if you’ll excuse the (slightly) bold statement, a new world order. The … Read more
  • The Best Smart Speakers of 2021
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  • Best Play-to-Earn Games in 2021
    Play-to-earn games have rapidly grown in popularity for a couple of years, but especially during the pandemic. This is a big help to the economy, helping people to earn money while enjoying themselves. Play-to-earn games require an investment of your time and sometimes you have to spend some money (which is pretty much 100% returnable). Play-to-earn games are getting more … Read more
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  • Meet Astro, the newest Amazon Home Robot
    Last month was full of surprises with a bunch of new devices coming out from different companies. Just after the Apple and Microsoft event, Amazon also unveils its new devices including a home robot named Astro. Astro, the long-rumored home robot was a big surprise at the Amazon event. Many people say that Astro is just an Echo Show on … Read more