• 7 Extremely Shocking Stories of How Married People Caught Their Spouse Cheating on Them
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  • SpaceX Launches Starship Prototype SN15 Successfully
    After a series of attempts, SpaceX successfully launched the SN15 high-altitude Starship prototype. This overcomes a major roadblock in Elon Musk’s vision to build a fully reusable Mars rocket. SpaceX launched its high altitude Starship prototype rocket and first successful landing on Wednesday. This launch is a major milestone in Elon Musk’s attempt to build a completely reusable Mars rocket. … Read more
  • Find Your COVID-19 Vaccine with Alexa
    With COVID-19 forcing the world to retreat into homes yet again, vaccination seems to be the only way out. Amazon’s Alexa-enabled devices can now help you find the nearest vaccination sites. How to Use Alexa to find Covid-19 Vaccination Sites The company announced that users can ask “Alexa, where can I get a COVID vaccine?”, upon which devices will respond … Read more
  • Netflix’s New Content For December
    Netflix uploads new and old tv shows and movies this month so you and your family would enjoy some quality time in front of the TV. 50 First Dates (2004) Henry Roth (Adam Sandler) is a man who is afraid of commitment until he meets Lucy.Lucy loses her memory each and every day so Henry has to make her fall … Read more
  • Philips Brand New Gaming Monitors
    MMD-Monitors Corporate, which is ownership by Philips’s monitors productions, announced on 2 new gaming monitors from the Philips E series – the Philips 242E1GAEZ and the Philips 272E1GAEZ. The monitors come in 23.8-inch and 27-inch, offer 1ms response time with refresh rate of 144Hz and AMD’s FreeSync Premium. Some key Features – Thin frame VA panel for fast refresh rate … Read more
  • ASUS Chromebox 4
    ASUS, a multinational computer and phone hardware and electronics company, announced on their 4th generation of mini Chromecast pc – the ASUS Chromebox 4. Chromebox 4 will come with Intel’s 10th generation processor Comet Lake U and will run the new Google’s software the Chrome OS. Thanks to Chrome OS, Chromebox 4 have unlimited access to Google Play and android … Read more
  • 6 Steps To Get More Job Offers Via LinkedIn
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  • Rock Solid Relationship – Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Married Laura Hashian
    The 47 years-old legend posted the news on his Instagram account and shared a photo with over 150 million fans worldwide. He captioned the known phrase “We Do” while publishing a photo of them wearing white. The couple have been dating since 2008. They met on the set of his movie ‘The Game Plan’ in 2006 while Johnson was still … Read more
  • Season 4 will Be the Last Season of ‘Baskets’
    The end is near! No… Its sounds too dramatic… But the show ‘Baskets’ featuring Zach Galifianakis , Martha Kelly, Louie Anderson, will end after the 4th season. The last episode will air on Aug 22nd, 2019. The president of FX Entertainment, Eric Schrier said –“Over four seasons, Baskets has taken its place among the great FX comedies as an endearing … Read more