What Features Whatsapp Is Planning?

Do you know for how long you can mute a conversation or a group chat?

In Whatsapp the maximum time is 1 year. But according to sources the next update of the application is going to change it forever.

After the upcoming update, you will be able to mute a conversation or group chat for E-V-E-R!

This option will replace the old “Mute notifications for 1 year” as the the 8 hours and 1 week mute options will still be available.

Another feature that was added is called “Expiring Messages”, if this option is enabled, every message you send will be deleted automatically.

So if you don’t like the fact that you messages can be kept for ever, this feature is for you.

Additional feature that can become useful – connect to Whatsapp from multiple devices at once.

This feature is already in beta, so some Android users might see in their Whatsapp settings a feature called “Link Devices” – You will be able to connect up to 4 devices at once.

The last tool that Whatsapp is adding is called “Advanced Search Mode”. We don’t know much about this feature but we could search for photos, videos, links, GIFs, audio files and document as well as text (that is the only feature available at the moment).

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