Trump is About to Build his own Social Media App – Is it Going to Become the Next Big Thing?

Social media apps are being used by everyone nowadays, including many political figures. One of the most famous accounts on Twitter until recently was that of former president Donald Trump. However, this account and many of his other social media accounts were banned following the capitol riots on Jan 6, but we might see him back on sooner than we think.

In the first episode of Lisa Boothe’s new podcast, ‘The Truth,’ Trump stated that he has begun to work on his own social media platform, and updates are soon to come. From his initial announcement, it’s clear that this platform is still very much in its nascent stages so not much is known about it. However, there are a few key details that give us a look into Trump’s future plans:

What we know so far:

  • A senior advisor for Trump’s campaign, Jason Miller, has mentioned that the platform is set to hit stores in ‘about two to three months.’
  • He also revealed that this platform would ‘redefine the game’ and mentioned that several companies had already approached Trump to assist him with his project.
  • Trump had also expressed similar sentiments on his official Twitter account before it was banned so this social media app might have been in the works for a while. However, this currently seems unlikely.

Apart from a few thoughts and statements that have come from Trump and his senior advisor, not much more is known about this mysterious upcoming social media app. Whether or not the platform ends up being released, an interesting question arises from this conversation:

Will this Platform End up Matching or Even Surpassing the Popularity of Other Social Media Apps?

Although Trump and his campaign lost the 2020 presidential election, he still has a massive base of supporters in the republican party. However, beginning a platform from scratch can be quite a challenging task. Not to mention the fact that the more popular social media apps have invested a ton of time and resources into optimizing and refining their platforms.

At the end of the day, it’s tough to say much about the future success of this app because we simply don’t know much about it. What is clear is that the main draw from this platform is going to be Donald Trump. Trump had around 81.1 million followers on Twitter before he was banned, so the platform is likely to have, at the very least, a marginal success rate with this crowd.

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