Samsung Smart Monitor based Tizen

Samsung announced on 2 Smart Monitors – the M5 model that comes in 27-inch or 32-inch and Full HD resolution and the M7 model that comes in 32-inch and UHD resolution.

Both smart monitors combines between a pc-monitor and a smart tv thanks to Samsung’s Tizen smart system that gives to the new models big advantages on other monitors in the market.

Source – Samsung

Samsung M5 and M7 as said before, are computer monitors and smart TVs thanks to Samsung’s Tizen version 5.5. The monitors can run smart tv apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Disney Plus as well as computer apps such as Microsoft office 365 directly from the monitor in a split screen mode. More then that, the monitors will come with remote controller which will let the user control the monitors remotely or even via the phone with a unique app.

Source – Samsung

The main goal of the new monitors is to combine smart TV and pc monitor as one without the need to separate them. Other than that, the monitors come with built-in W5 speakers, built-in Wi-Fi connection technologic, USB-C connector which able to connect to pcs or even phones that support the ability to project the screen toward the monitors. Another feature is that you will be able to charge your laptop with this USB-TypeC connector.

The M5 and the M7 come with Tizen 5.5, VA panel, refresh rate of 60Hz and response time of 8ms. The M5 comes in 27-inch or 32-inch display with FHD of 1920×1080 resolution while the M7 comes only in 32-inch display but UHD 3840×2180 resolution.

Source – Samsung

The new Samsung Smart Monitors will be available for $230 and $280 for the M5 model 27-inch and 32-inch display accordingly, while the M7, 32-inch display will be available for $400.

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