Razer Is Looking To Expand


You probably heard of Razer because of their gaming products. Razer is considered by many gamers as the to gaming products producer in the market today. They developed high quality mechanical keyboards, high response mouses and gaming headphones and even powerful gaming laptops.

Now they decided to expand and reach other markets such as the business section. They will do it with a new collection called Razer Pro – this collection will include a computer mouse called Razer Pro Click, wireless keyboard called Razer Pro Type and a mouse pad called Razer Pro Glide. All products will arrive in white, as opposed to the traditional black and green of other Razer products.

The Razer Pro Click is maybe the most interesting product in this new collection. Razer partnered with Humanscale who specialize in agronomic products for offices, and they created a mouse that is built with a tilt of 30 degrees to the side in order to allow comfortable work for long hours without causing any medical issues.

The mouse arrives with 8 configurable buttons and an Advanced 5G sensor for precision. The mouse can be connected to 4 devices at once with bluetooth and offers 400 working hours in one charge. For better use of the mouse, the company offers the Razer Pro Glide.

Along with the mouse and the mouse pad, the company offers the new agronomic keyboard, Razer Pro Type, that can support 4 different devices at once, like the mouse. The keyboard uses mechanical keys and equipped with white led lights.

These products are now available, the prices are pretty standard –

Razer Pro Click – $100

Razer Pro Type – $140

Razer Pro Glide – $10

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