KFC and Gaming?

No, this isn’t one of the April Fool jokes you usually hear – KFC, the famous fast food global restaurant network, announced on a gaming food console/pc. We are talking about a cooperation between KFC Gaming and Cooler Master to create a mini pc with the shape of the known KFC chicken bucket with actual heating food space inside the console/mini pc.

Many laughed about the “KFConsole” since June but it actually happening. This is not a console such as PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, but a mini gaming pc that designed by Tim Malmborg.

The device based on Cooler Master’s Master Case – NC100 pc case and use Intel’s Compute Element Module NUC9 Extreme.

Source – KFC Gaming

We don’t know the spec of KFConsole yet but we can assume that since the model NUC9 can come with Intel Core i9-9980K and Seagate SDD 1TB storage the console with have the same specs.

The Graphic Card of the device might be from Asus cooperation with Nvidia’s GeForce RTX, and categorized by the company that this device will provide high quality smooth gaming with support 4k with 240FPS and 240 Hz.

Source – KFC Gaming

Tim Malmborg, who helped creating this console said – “The hardest part was definitely figuring out the entire internal layout to get it as compact as possible and still have sufficient cooling for the hardware. The cylindrical bucket design and the chicken bay [are] two separate features that by themselves [are] challenging to work with. And then combined with a high-performance PC, well, I had to spend days creating the 3D model for it.”

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