Wacom VR Pen

Wacom, a company which specializes in graphics tablets and related products, announced on their first unique graphic pen dedicated for Virtual Reality – The Wacom VR Pen. The new pen allows to the 3rd content creators to take their 3D arts from the tablets into the virtual world.

The Wacom VR Pen will be different from other Wacom’s pens since it will function from inside the virtual world. Wacom’s pens usually have pressure-sensitive technology when you press the pen on the tablet and can be controlled by the tablet’s buttons/functions. The VR Pen will come with unique buttons and functions that will replace the regular functions that other pens come with and won’t be depend on tablets.

The design of the VR Pen is like the other pens for 3d modeling. The unique design comes from the middle of the pen where there is ellipse shape grabbing handle where most of the buttons and function are there.

We can find a wheel above the ellipse for adjust the color for example, a unique pressure-sensitive button near the pen’s tip and more.

Source – Wacom

The VR Pen have unique Wacom standalone tracking system which allows it to have independent tracking system and can work with VR headsets. More than that, Wacom says the VR Pen will still have Tablet Support and function like any other regular Wacom’s pen.

Source – Wacom

Wacom haven’t officially announced on launch date or price tag of their new pen.

Philips 326P1H and Philips 329P1H


MMD announced on their new Philips monitors – the Philips 326P1H and 329P1H. Both monitors come in 31.5-inch display, resolution of UHD 4k and QHD and a built-in camera which can be used for example for the Windows Hello face recognition technology.

Both monitors come with IPS panel 16:9 and the response time of both displays is 4ms. Like other Philips monitors, Both P1H come with blue filter light, Flicker-Free technologic to put less pressure on the user eyes, PowerSensor for power saving when the user is not around the monitor area and LightSensor to adjust automatically the brightness of the display align with the brightness of the room.

The resolution and refresh rate are different for each monitor:

  • 326P1H – UHD 4k of 2160×3840 and refresh rate of 60hz
  • 329P1H – QHD of 1440×2560 and refresh rate of 75hz
Source – Philips / MMD

On the I/O section, both monitors come with 2 HDMI, 1 DisplayPort 1.4, USB-C not only as DisplayPort but also as charging port to other devices that support that kind of technology.

The 326P1H also equipped with DisplayPort-out for chaining another monitor to them. And like other Philips monitors 326P1H and 329P1H come with 2 5W speakers built in.

Source – Philips / MMD

The new Philips monitors are available at 489 Euros for the 326P1H model and 659 Euros for the 329P1H model.

Razer Book 13 for Business


Razer, the known technology company that develops and sells consumer electronics and gaming hardware, announced on their first laptop for business – the Razer Book 13. The laptop comes with 13.4-inch display with ratio of 16:10 and Intel’s new generation processors – Tiger Lake and Intel Evo.

Razer is known for productions of gaming industry products such as gaming peripherals and gaming laptops. Razer started to expend their market even for Studio/Audio and content creation products in the past months and now Razer started producing business products with the Razer Book 13 which join to Razer’s Pro products.

Source – Razer

the Book 13 looks like Razer Blade Stealth 13. It comes in silver color and not the black traditional color, 13.4-inch display with ratio of 16:10 and resolutions Full HD or 4K UHD with touch screen support.

Under the hood we have the updated Intel’s processor Tiger Lake as i5 or i7 with up to 16GB Ram and SSD fast Disk with storage up to 512GB. Although it’s a laptop for business, Razer gives small gaming touch to Book 13 by brining RGB single key light that power by Razer Chroma RGD to the laptop. On the Battery section we have battery that lasts 14 hours of usages with quick charge technologic that allows to charge the laptop for 30 mins and have battery for 4 hours.

Source – Razer

Razer Book 13 will be available on November and will have 3 different models.

They all equipped with Intel Iris Xe graphic card, the RAM Type is LPDDR4X and they all of course 13.4-inch display. Now let’s dive in:

  • Razer Book 13 + FHD: Intel Core i5- 1135G7 processor, 8GB RAM, SSD 256GB Storage and FHD 1920×1200 resolution.
    Price: $1,200
  • Razer Book 13 FHD + Touch Screen:  Intel Core i7- 1165G7 processor, 16GB RAM, SSD 256GB Storage and FHD 1920×1200 resolution with Gorilla Glass 6 screen protector.
    Price: $1,600
  • Razer Book 13 UHD + Touch Screen:  Intel Core i7- 1165G7 processor, 16GB RAM, SSD 512GB Storage and FHD 3840×2400 resolution with Gorilla Glass 6 screen protector.
    Price: $2,000

Raspberry Pi 400 Keyboard Computer


The British Foundation Raspberry Pi which develops single-board-computer announced on their keyboard computer – the Raspberry Pi 400. Raspberry Pi Foundation is UK-based charity that aim to make computing and digital making accessible and available for people all over the world, by developing low-cost and high performance single-board-computers and free software.

The new Raspberry Pi 400 come as simple compact solution which all the SBC (single board computer) parts are inside the company’s official keyboard and you just need to plug/connect the monitor (HDMI cable), mouse and the power cable and you good to go. The computer come with the quad core processor the Cortex-A72 that running at 1.8Ghz and 4GB Ram compare to 1.5Ghz of the regular Raspberry Pi 4 Model B which announced a year ago.

Source – Raspberry Pi

At the back of Pi 400 we can find the Pi 4 regular connectors such as micro HDMI connector, USB 3.0, USB-C and even the company’s familiar GPIO connector. More then that the keyboard computer will run Raspberry Pi OS software that based on Linux.

Source – Raspberry Pi

The new Raspberry Pi 400 is available for $70 and more then that, the company offers a special kit for $100 which include mouse, charger, and official company’s HDMI cable in addition to micro SD card with the Raspberry Pi OS software installed and Raspberry Pi’s guide book that come in the regular kit.

Microsoft Acquires Bethesda Softworks


Microsoft announced on the purchase of ZeniMax Media, the company that owns the famous gaming studio Bethesda Softworks which brought us some of the best games such as The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Wolfenstein, DOOM, Dishonored, Quake, Starfield and many more.

This announcement comes after Microsoft revealed the date when they will start their new Xbox series preorder – Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

The numbers are eyepopping… Microsoft will pay 7.5 billion USD in cash to the share holders of ZeniMax Media and as part of the deal, Microsoft will get not only Bethesda Softworks but all the gaming development units under it such as id Software (which developed games like Doom, Rage, Wolfenstine, Quake) and Arkane (which stands behind Dishonored, Bioshock and Prey).

This acquisition will help Microsoft building their gaming brand and market their new generation consoles. The company already announced that many of Bethesda’s games will be added to Microsoft’s gaming subscription – Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft also referred directly to Starfield, the new futuristic space game which in development at the moment.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft said “Gaming is the most expansive category in the entertainment industry, as people everywhere turn to gaming to connect, socialize and play with their friends. Quality differentiated content is the engine behind the growth and value of Xbox Game Pass—from Minecraft to Flight Simulator. As a proven game developer and publisher, Bethesda has seen success across every category of games, and together, we will further our ambition to empower the more than three billion gamers worldwide.”

Phil Spencer, executive vice president, Gaming at Microsoft said “This is an awesome time to be an Xbox fan. In the last 10 days alone, we’ve released details on our two new consoles which go on pre-order tomorrow, launched cloud gaming in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and now we’re making another investment in the most critical part of our strategy: the games. Generations of gamers have been captivated by the renowned franchises in the Bethesda portfolio and will continue to be so for years to come as part of Xbox.”

ZeniMax Media’s Chairman and CEO Robert A. Altman said “This is a thrilling day for this company, our employees, and our fans. We have enjoyed a close partnership with Microsoft for decades, and this deal is a natural progression of those years working together. The big winners today are our fans. We are continuing to develop our slate of AAA games, but now with Microsoft’s scale and entire Game Stack, our games can only get better.”

Apple Ordered Fold-able Screens From Samsung


Apple takes the first step toward folding iPhone – Apple ordered fold-able screens from Samsung in order to test the possibility to manufacture folding phone.

This information was leaked by the Chinese leaker “ice universe” – see it here.


According to the report, Apple ordered small quantities and not enough screens for mass production, so we can assume that we won’t see a folding iPhone in the next year or two (mobile device manufacture takes about 18 months).

Samsung was already the key supplier for Apple. According to estimations, 70 million OLED screens were sold to Apple for the manufacture process of the iPhone 12. For comparison, Apple ordered the same screens from LG in much lower quantity – 18 millions.


Reports about a folding iPhone started to appear already in 2017. Back then it said that LG will be the key supplier for these screens in 2020 and that the two, Apple and LG will open a factory together. Nevertheless, Apple wrote a patent on a folding screen earlier this year. Later, some reports claimed that Apple won’t build a folding phone but make one with two screens – like Microsoft’s Surface Duo.

Other reports says that the folding device will be iPad and not iPhone.


Apple Is Now Worth 2 Trillions


For the first time ever, Apple is already worth 2 trillions!

The stock value of Apple doubled itself since March 2020, but it doesn’t show the whole story of the tech giant.

Two years after Apple became the first company to reach 1 trillion, Apple doesn’t stop and now the value of the company passed the 2 trillion mark. This new estimation shows how much the investors trust Apple and its board.


Apple joins to Aramco, the Saudian oil company as the only two companies to cross the 2 trillion mark. But Aramco already manage to lose that title in cross it back down, so now Apple is ranked #1 in estimate value among all the companies in the world.

This new estimation happened after Apple’s stock crossed the $467.77 price a share, but during the trading day the price dropped to $462.83 and that dropped them under 2 trillions.

This new record is surprising because Apple announced back in February that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Apple might suffer loses.


Since March 23rd, the stock just keeps on rising and almost double itself during this 5 month. This value increment happened Apple announced they had profits of almost 60 Billion dollars in the second quarter, 11% better than q2 of 2019.

But there are other things Apple should focus on, the company now facing some serious legal issues when the European Union found out they keep listening on customers , and that Apple takes 30% commissions on apps.

CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA – SEPTEMBER 10: Apple CEO Tim Cook delivers the keynote address during a special event on September 10, 2019 in the Steve Jobs Theater on Apple’s Cupertino, California campus. Apple unveiled several new products including an iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, Apple Watch Series 5 and seventh-generation iPad. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Also, Tim Cook the CEO of Apple is investigated by the American congress, and the company is investigated for stealing Chinese patent worth 1.4 billion dollars.

Break Into Zip File To Extract Bitcoins


Security researcher was asked to break into an old zip file. Inside the file he found something pretty amazing…

Once in a while we run into stories of very “talented” people manage somehow to lose a great fortune of digital currencies – It can be a BBC reporter who lost 25,000 pounds, a Youtuber who lost digital currencies in a total value of 2 million dollars (?!) or even cryptocurrencies trading stations that got hacked and lose 540 million dollars in a blink of an eye. These stories ends the same way, but not for this security researcher.


About 19 years ago, Michael Stay released a paper about hacking encrypted Zip files. Since then, Stay managed to work as a security researcher in Google and to became a CTO for a Startup company he started. But 6 month ago, he was approached on Linkedin by a Russian man. This man bought Bitcoin back in 2016 and payed $10,000. The key to his digital wallet he encrypted in a Zip file with a simple password.

As you may guess… He forgot that password. Today this digital wallet contains Bitcoin that worth over $300,000.

This man asked Michael if he could break this zip file and Stay replay that this process might take up to a year and will require equipment that is worth $100,000. The Russian man accepted the costs.

Stay was happy to know that the man kept the computer that the zip was encrypted from and the encryption mechanism is Zip 2.0, which is few decades old. These 2 factors help Michael to reduce the number of password combination to Quintillion – this huge number is 1 followed by 18 zeros…

For 4 month Stay and his partner developed a hacking attack to break the password and after its development, he ran the attack from server farm with Nvidia graphic processors. The attack run for 10 days and failed. But after a deep dive into the code, Stay found his bug, fixed it and the password was hacked in a day!


Michael said the the cost of this process was way less than $100,000 but the man was so happy that the process took less than 6 months and cost less than expected so he gave them a fat bonus.

The Most Demanded Freelance Jobs


Covid-19 changed the game forever.

Many businesses has to cut in expenses in order to survive, but in the same time, they have to control the digital marketplace in order to provide remote services and keep on selling while people locked in their houses.

The scary part is that the economic pandemic hasn’t even started yet… Businesses, if they want to survive and grow, must develop flexibility and be ready to cut expenses or grow as fast as possible.

The first change we seen is that many business prefer to keep their employees in their homes and experts think that WFH (working from home) is here to stay. So if you want to blend in, you must develop the right self discipline to work from home and be efficient.

Besides that, many reports shows that business started to outsource their task to freelancers. Fiverr show 17% growth of supply and demand in the freelance market.

Here’s a list of the most demanded jobs you can acquire to startup you WFH career –

Build Websites –

Many businesses didn’t have a solid website that explain what the company does and how you can use their services. As you might expect, these business suffered the most during the pandemic. You don’t have to be an expert in order to control this environment – there are simple tools that you can use – WIX, Worldpress and Shopify among many others.

App Developers –

We spend the majority of our time in front of mobile devices. Applications can be the best way for a comany to interact with their clients and grow.

You can learn developing online for free on YouTube.

CopyWriters –

When human interaction is affected by social distancing, one good way to communicate with your current and future customers is by writing. It can be a sales page or a thank you email, the bottom line is that you can get the right attention with a well written script.

You can work as a Social Media Marketer, Article writer and so on.

ChatBot Development –

In today’s world, Chatbots are being use more and more in many business and service providers. Some of them are much more complex then other but it can be pretty simple. The Chatbot has simple tasks such as collecting leads, collect people inquires and in some cases even provide a technical solution.

Because this field show insane growth over the past few years, it will be easy to find the right information to learn it.

What Can We Learn From 2020?


This year was one of those years that will be talked for ages. Every single thing that could go wrong, went wrong.

Each time we felt like this year couldn’t be more tragic, and once again, the impossible happened and we encountered a new event that made us think “It can’t be happening right now…”.

2020 started with the threats of world war 3, continued with the wild fires in Australia that ruined many forests in AU and harmed many endangered animal species, then we heard about the tragic helicopter crash of NBA legend Kobe Bryant, In March – April the Corona Virus changed our life forever – many lost their jobs, sports & music events canceled and over 700,000 people already died from this virus. Moreover, chemical factory in Lebanon exploded while killing over 200 innocent people and last but not least, we still have to deal with the economic crisis that will follow in the next month.

Yes…. That year was terrible so far, and it ain’t over yet…

But we can learn valuable lessons from this year:

Accept Change and Embrace It

Many people lost their jobs and will have to adapt to the new reality that we all live in. People will have to think about their future and look for opportunities to make a living. This change can be the best thing that ever happened to them – they might try different activities, follow their dreams and maybe even fall in love with a new occupation.

Plan For The Future And Invest

This economic crisis that just started is an important wake up call for all of us that everything might change in a blink of an eye. People who lived paycheck-to-paycheck now facing financial problems, and will have to figure out how they get out of this bad situation.

Educate yourself about financial freedom, look for opportunities to invest and always plan for the worst.

Learn How To Learn

In this dynamic world, you have to be able to acquire new skills as fast as possible. You need to learn how to do proper research, find trends and master a skill as fast as possible.