Famous Women Of The 90s, Then And Now

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Ladies and gentlemen, the 90’s are back! And what’s better than show the It-girls who defined the decade back then and how they are looking now. We’ve looked back at the beginning of their careers, and caught up with where they are now.

1. Pamela Anderson: 1994 – 2019

Anderson is a Canadian American actress, model, and television personality. On the 90’s she was named Playboy’s magazine playmate of the month of February 1990, and all of the acting opportunities came in quickly.

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She even act in many shows such as Home Improvement (1991–1993, 1997), Baywatch (1992–1997), and V.I.P. (1998–2002). Today Anderson is a staunch animal rights activist, appearing in multiple campaigns for PETA.

2. Debbe Dunning: 1995 – 2018

When Pamela Anderson left the ABC sitcom Home Improvement and “Tool Time”, she left some pretty big shoes to fill. These shoes were filled by Debbe Dunning, and she didn’t only fill the shoes, she also raised the rating of the show.

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Years after showing in “Tool Time”, Dunning took new direction in her life. Starting in 2017, Dunning has been hosting her own show which called Debbe Dunning’s Dude Ranch Round-Up, which recently aired its 2nd season.

3. Carmen Electra: 1999 – 2019

Not many people didn’t have a chance to have Prince, one of the greatest musicians of a generation, as a mentor. Electra first showed up in 1993, after moving to Minneapolis she met Prince, who produced her debut album.

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After working in the music industry, Electra moved to role modeling and her pictures were all over everyone’s walls throughout the 90s. After modeling she became an actress and starred in “Scary Movie”. In 2018 she appeared in the TV show “Alone Together” and on cover of “Runway” Magazine in April 2020.

4. Tiffani Thiessen: 1991 – 2019

Her career started with a big hit thanks to the popular high school comedy “Saved by the Bell”. Thiessen played Kelly Kapowski, the stereotypical high school dream girl.

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After Thiessen graduated from “Saved by the Bell” and “Bayside High” she landed a new part this time in “Beverly Hills, 90210”. Thiessen can be seen reprising Kelly Kapowski (now Kapowski-Morris) in the 2020 revival of “Saved by the Bell”.

5. Erika Eleniak: 1994 – 2017

Like Anderson, Eleniak first appeared on “Playboy” and “Baywatch”.

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Eleniak played in a few movies throughout the 90s after “Baywatch”. Although she took small parts since then, we could see her again in “Baywatch: The Documentary (2020)”.

6. Brandy Norwood: 1999 – 2016

The next lady is coming from a musical family, yes this is none other then our Brandy Norwood. Brandy first showed up when she signed by Atlantic Records in 1993. A year later she published her self-titled album and sold over 6 million copies.

SGranitz/WireImage/Angela Weiss/Getty Images for Republic Records

Today the songstress has sold more than 40 million records, amassed a Grammy Award, American Music Award, and seven Billboard Music Awards.

7. Sarah Michelle Gellar: 1998 – 2019

If we asked 90’s teens which role model they admire, most people will say Sarah Michelle Gellar. Gellar Shined as Buffy Summers on the hit WB drama Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1997-2003. In 90’s it was surprising to see a female take action roles.

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Gellar’s acting career has stayed steady and she also starred in numerous TV Shows and movies. As far as we know, she recently been working on limited series “Sometimes I Lie” and she didn’t stop there, she also signed on voicing character on new Netflix series.

8. Christina Applegate: 1993 – 2019

America was excited to see actress like Christian Applegate grow up right before their own eyes. Applegate first appeared at age 16, as Kelly Bundy on the wildly popular FOX comedy show “Married…with Children” in 1987. Applegate aged along with the TV show till the last episode of the show in 1997.

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Thanks to “Married…with Children”, Applegate was able to lift her career even higher and been appearing in some of the most popular movies of the last 20 years. Today she collected many awards after taking a role on the Netflix dark comedy “Dead to Me”. Among her awards you can find Primetime Emmy Award, Golden Globe Award, and Screen Actors Guild Award nominations.

9. Jennifer Love Hewitt: 1998 – 2019

Growing up while being a celebrity can be hard, but child actress like Jennifer Love Hewitt seemed to handle it pretty well. Hewitt started her big breakthrough with playing Sarah Reeves on “Party of Fire”, but her journey didn’t stop there.

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Hewitt become even more recognizable after starring in the horror film “I Know What You Did Last Summer” in 1997, and it’s subsequent sequel. Since then, Hewitt continue starring in the big and small screens and currently can be found on the FOX police procedural 9-1-1.

10. Tyra Banks: 1993 – 2018

She was passed up by four agencies before getting signed and start her modeling career, but once she signed by the world-renowned Elite Model Management, she booked 25 runway shows during Paris Fashion Week 1991. Ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about Tyra Banks.

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If there’s one thing Tyra Banks knows best, it’s the modeling industry. From 2003 to today, Banks has an impressive and extensive modeling career, both on runways and in print, and she even hosted America’s Next Top Model. That not at all, she even been in AGT.

Most Influential, Creative, and Revolutionary Drummers Of All Time

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Let’s all agree, Rock n’ Roll can’t live without the drummers. Believe or not they are the unsung heroes of music, the guardians of time and groove, and their beats decide if people actually dance or not. One question remains, who are the most influential, creative and revolutionary drummers of all time? Without any further discuss, let’s get into it.

1. John Bonham

When people started to listen to “Whole Lotta Love” for their first time, it felt like a new king had arrived. Those thunderous sounds were made by none other than John Bonham, thanks to Led zeppelin’s brilliant madness. They were four-headed monster, but Bonham was something else.

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An American musician Dave Grohl admitted that he seriously tried for years to copy Bonham’s lightning speed playstyle. Bonham’s sound and speed surpass like no one else’s, still managed to show us it wasn’t that hard to preform like him. Even after he passed away, many people hailed Bonham as the greatest rock drummer of all time.  

2. Keith Moon

When Moon joined to “The Who”, they were already a messy group. With him backing them, the four band members became a circus both on stage and behind the scenes. Thanks to Moon as “lead drummer” the band gained proper foundation.

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The Bass guitarist John Entwistle said about Moon: “His breaks were melodic. Because he tried to play with everyone in the band at once”. Moon was also known by is antics on the stage for example blowing up his drumset. His Invaluable contribution to drumming that gave him his legend status.

3. Neil Peart

When Neil Peart auditioned to the rock bend “Rush”, their guitarist Alex Lifeson said about Peart: “We were so blown away by Neil’s playing”. “It was very Keith Moon-like, very active, and he hit his drums so hard” he added. Although Peart’s unique wildness reminded them Moon in many ways, it also defied him on some levels.


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Peart was a lot more methodical, almost mathematical in his approach compare to Moon. Peart was one of the drummers that elevated his status to more than just a drummer, but an arranger and composer as well.

4. Ginger Baker

Baker was yet another mysterious musical talent that peeked out from a perfect storm. Thanks to his team up with Eric Clapton and Jack Bruce, Baker could play to his heart’s desire. Baker had jazz background and then he entered to psychedelic jam rock scene which lead his trio to heights and to a whole new level which never was seen before.


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Baker was more into African beats, as was stated by Afrobeat co-creator Tony Allen: “He understands the African beat more than any other Westerner”. His inhibited passion for music and his unchained personality were unmistakably presents very time he get o the stage.

5. Hal Blaine

Wrecking Crew was group of Los Angeles musicians who played on many of the hits that recorded in the `60s and `70s. Hal Blaine, the group drummer, played in hits by Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, The Supremes, and even The Beach Boys on their legendary album Pet Sounds. Some stories say that Blaine is the most recorded drummer in history.

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Blaine even helped Phil Spector ,a producer, to create his “Wall Of Sound” on hits like the Ronettes’ “Be My Baby”. As he put himself “I’m not a flashy drummer. I wanted to be a great accompanist”, Blaine managed to do that with some more achievements.

6. Benny Benjamin

The founder of Motown, Berry Gordy, had an in-house studio band called The Funk Brothers where they could play on all the records. Benny Benjamin was the drummer, the maestro and musical genius of the group. “He had a distinctive knack for executing various rhythms all at the same time,” said Gordy. “A pulse, a steadiness, that kept the tempo better than a metronome.”


Thanks to Benjamin’s expert hands, songs like The Temptations’ “My Girl” and Barrett Strong’s “Money (That’s What I Want)” were possible to be made. Even American singers and songwriters were inspired by him! Wonder even said, “Man, he was one of the major forces in the Motown sound. Benny could’ve very well been the baddest”.

7. Gene Krupa

One of the all-time greatest drummers, Neil Peart, once said the next thing about Gene Krupa – “…was the first rock drummer, in very many ways”.  Peart even explained that Krupa was one of the drummers that could both “command the spotlight” and “be celebrated for his solos”.

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Krupa’s playing influenced many people, even Keith Moon and John Bonham. The fact that he came before them gives him different kind of reverence in the drum community.

8. Mitch Mitchell

Stewart Copeland, an American musician once said about Mitch Mitchell, the `60s drum legend, “All of this stuff I did that I was rather proud of, I thought I came up with it. But no, I got it from Mitch”. Mitch Mitchell was weird enough and could hold down the fort along with Jimi Hendrix’s weirdness.

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Even Roger Taylor a musician from Queen said, “He played the kit like a song, it was just wonderful. But with this rolling ferocious attack on the whole kit. Total integration into the song. Not just marking time.”

9. Charlie Watts

The person that because of him “roll” added to the “Rolling Stones” was none other than Charlie Watts. Even when the “Rolling Stones” were still in their early stages, Watts was a well-known and respected drummer across London. At first, they couldn’t afford to hire him but as “Rolling Stones” buzz spread out and barely could be ignored, they won Watts over.

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Watts provided steady backbeat rhythm support on stage like no other. The guitarist of the band, Keith Richards, said about Watts – “When we got Charlie, that really made it for us. Charlie can rush like mad and still make it feel great. That’s his style.”

10. Stewart Copeland

Funny but interesting fact about Stewart Copeland is that Copeland made just as much of an impact with what he didn’t play than with what he did play. His grooves aren’t so simple and easy to mimic and this what made him better than most of the drummers.

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Similar to other British rockers from his era, his complicated yet special grooves added to his band’s sound in a subtle yet powerful way. Copeland even lent his talent to many other artists over his career.

Global Myths That Modern Science Prove They Are Wrong


Facebook/Batzilla the Bat

Some stories that passed on from generation to generation are not true, and it seems like some myths won’t disappear any time soon. Thanks to modern science, we are one step closer to the truth behind those old stories. Here is the list of some myths that modern science proved them wrong.

1. Listening to Mozart Will Make You (Or Your Baby) Smarter

This myth is known as the “Mozart Effect” and has been made by the psychologist Frances Rauscher. His study showed that kids function better in certain tasks that require spatial and abstract thinking while listening to Mozart. Because of this study companies start selling Baby Mozart CDs for pregnant women.

Wikimedia Commons/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)

But is it really true? After countless studies, we found out that listening to music in general lead to temporary improvement in cognitive ability and abstract thinking. So, Mozart is not particularly special, all the music and even narrated books seems to give that temporary improvement.

2. Chameleons Change Color to Camouflage Themselves

Thanks to animated and edited videos, many people thinks that chameleons can blend into everything they intact from trees to chessboards. Chameleons naturally blend into their environment often match their colors to tree or leaves.

Wikimedia Commons/ Yosemite

Surprisingly they have the ability, most of the time, to not just camouflage, but to stand out. During the mating season chameleons can be very aggressive and their body color changes to communicate with mates or competitors. Another theory that came out recently is that they even use their color change ability to adjust their own body temperature.

3. Human Blood Can Be Blue

The blood that flow through our vines under the skin seems to be blue, but that is a result of optical illusion. When light hit our skin, blue light reflects back and gives the illusion that our blood is blue.

Facebook/Dougie Love

But eventually, human blood is red because of the presence of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin are cells that help carry and transport oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body and contain iron. That special natural iron turns red when it intact with oxygen and that is what makes our blood red.

4. Earth’s Proximity to the Sun Determines the Seasons

Many people studied in science classes, that the distance between the Earth and the sun determines the seasons every year. Many people believes that when the earth is close to the sun, summer arrives and when the earth is far from the sun, winter arrives and in between spring and autumn arrive.

Facebook/99.5 WJBR

Earth spin on axis and because of that it is tilted and different parts of the planet is more exposed to the sun’s direct rays throughout the year as the earth spin around the sun. For example, in Northern Hemisphere, as the Earth get closer to the sun, winter is coming and when the Earth get far from the sun, summer is coming.

5. It Takes Seven Years to Digest Gums

Chewing gum is one of the favorite candies that exist today. According to an article in the Guardian, a British news and media source, it can take years until a gum is fully digested. Is that true?

Wikimedia Commons/Britchi Mirela

It takes more time to digest gums because these are made of natural or synthetic polymer. But that doesn’t mean it will sit forever in our stomach, it will get out naturally after some time.

6. Camels Use Their Humps to Store Water

Many people believes that camels store water in their humps, but actually they store fat. They store fat in their humps as an emergency supply for long trips in the desert.

Wikimedia Commons/Britchi Mirela

When the camel is hungry, they can absorb food from the hump till it is empty. The hump will get more and more droopy as it gets empty and will be refile by the next meal. Camels can drink 30 gallons of water and store in their bloodstream which allow them to survive more than a week without water.

7. The Great Wall of China is Visible From Space

One of the Seven Wonders of the World is the Great Wall of China. There is one funny but interesting myth, people thinks you can actually see the wall from space. This wall is an impressive structure which goes for almost 4,500 miles across China’s landscape. Although this magnificent wall is huge, we can’t see it from space.

Wikimedia Commons/Peter Dowley

According to astronauts who been in space, they could see the wall only in low level of the orbit and in certain weather condition. One of the reasons why they couldn’t watch it is because of the wall’s material and the color that blends with the landscapes that surrounds the wall.

8. The Tongue Has ‘Taste Bud Zones’

We learned in school that our tongue is responsible for all the tastes we sense and that it is divided into parts where each part meant to sense different kind of tastes like bitter, sweet, salty and sour. This theory was invented 100 years ago by Germany scientist named David Pauli Hanig. Surprisingly, this theory was made with bad taste.

Wikimedia Commons/TipolinaTucci

Research shown impressive results, apparently some taste buds are actually found in unpredictable places such as the top of our mouths and in our throats. It’s still true that some of our taste buds are placed on the tongue and these are more sensitive to specific tastes. These taste buds filled with receptor cells which send information to our brains and analyze which taste we encountered.

9. We Only Use 10% of Our Brain

A very common science myth we all heard before – we use only 10% of the brain. Films that got inspired by this myth such as Limitless and Lucy, followed the question what if we could use more than the 10% of the brain and reach “our full potential”. Well, the myth proven to be wrong thanks to the modern science, and we now know that our brain is more active than we think.

Wikimedia Commons/Akaychestnut

As quoted from neurologist John Henley: “Evidence would show over a day you use 100 percent of the brain”. In fact, by using certain technology to scan the brain, scientists can see that the brain actually is in none stop action even while we are sleeping.

10. Rusty Nails Cause Tetanus

Many people believe that stepping or get injured by rusty nails will put you in high risk to get tetanus. Although, rusty nails and metal are usual a way to intact with tetanus, the infection it’s self has nothing to do with the rust. Bacteria named Clostridium tetani (C tetani) is the one that cause tetanus which infects the nervous system, causing severe muscle spasms and even death.

Facebook Borderland/Expeditions

Actually what cause the tetanus is the ground pieces that surround the rusty nails which carry the bacteria and not the nail itself. Even small crack or scratch on the skin by the pieces can cause infection.

11. Ostriches Bury Their Heads in the Sand

When person who prefer to ignore their problems instead face them, we say as metaphor “they stuck their head like ostrich”. Usually according to the myth, ostrich will bury their head when they sense danger, but that’s not quite right.

Wikimedia Commons/Tony Wills

Sometimes ostrich will lay it’s body on the floor in a position that can gives the illusion that he burry it’s head. The reason they do it is usually when they incubates on the eggs and use the peak to move the eggs which again give the illusion, they burry the head.

12. Diamonds Come From Coal

One of the weirdest science myths I ever encounter is that diamonds came from coal, which is incorrect. Coal was formed by rotten plant materials that marge together for decades.

Wikimedia Commons/Dave Fischer

Diamonds can be formed in many ways one of the majority ones is result of volcano eruptions.

13. Bats Are Blind

We all know the night flying mammals that look like mouse with wings, yup I am talking about the bats. Bats got an ongoing myth due movies that they are completely blind. This myth is wrong and in fact, there some bat species that actually possess good vision.

Facebook/Batzilla the Bat

Majority of us learn in science class that bats are blind and use echolocation – ultrasonic sound waves that impact objects such as obstacles and food which help them fly and survive at night. But, species like Larg fuit-eting bats rely on their sharp vision to find food. Some studies show this specie have three times better vision than human’s vision.

14. “Lightning Never Strikes the Same Place Twice”

We all know the good old phrase “lightening never strikes the same place twice” to calm someone that the same bad thing won’t happen twice. Sadly, lighting can strike the same place twice.

Wikimedia Commons/Ranji Banji

Lightning is a very powerful electrical discharge made during a thunderstorm. According to many Scientist’s, reports show that sometimes those discharge can back up to the thundercloud and can create repetitive cycle of strikes. Those reports mean that indeed it can strike multi times. The well known Empire State Building for example, is getting struck almost 100 times a year.

Philips In-Ear TWS TAT8505BK


Philips announced on their new headphones– the Philips In-Ear TWS TAT8505BK, a True Wireless (TWS) version of the TAPH805BK headphones that also include noise canceling ANC built-in and in addition to that, also water resist IPX4 protocol and can last up to 24 hours.

The new headphones comes with 13nm driver and support noise canceling ANC hybrid that combine outer microphone and inner microphone for the noise canceling. The In-Ear TWS earbud support IPX4 protocol for water and sweat resist, and Google Assistant.

The headphones offers 6 hours of usages (5 hours on noise canceling mode on) in single charge and another 18 hours via charging the headphones with the charging case. The case charged via USB-C connector; the headphones support single charge of 15 mins to supply 1 hour of usage.

The Philips In-Ear TWS TAT8505BK available for $200.

Apple AirPods Max


Apple announced on their first wireless noise canceling headphone – the AirPods Max. the new headphone’s battery will last 20 hours with the noise canceling activated. The AirPods Max will be available on December 15th with a price tag of $549.

The new headphone comes in black, white, pink, blue and green with premium design. On one side of the headphones we can find Apple’s Digital Crown for volume control, a button to play/pause music, skip tracks, answer/end phone calls and activate Siri. In addition to that, there is dedicated button to active/deactivate the noise cancelling and transparency mode.

Source – Apple

To make sure of these headphone has high quality noise canceling, Apple provided the AirPods Max 8 a dedicated several microphones for talking while having the headphone on.

On the audio section, the AirPods Max equipped with 40 mm dynamic drivers with Apple’s design for creating high sound experience. The headphone supports Apple’s Adaptive EQ technology which transparence the audio quality in real time situations and Spatial Audio technology for high surround experience.

Source – Apple

The new headphones AirPods Max will provide 20 hours of music with noise cancelling on, watching video with Spatial Audio, and talking. The headphones support quick charge which allow to charge them for 5 mins and get 1 hour and half of battery.

Source – Apple

Razer HammerHead TWS PRO


Razer, known as a company that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics especially gaming hardware  and peripheral equipment, announced on their new Earbuds – the Razer HammerHead TWS Pro.

The Pro Version is an upgraded version of HammerHead TWS which came with noise canceling, THX protocol for high sound quality and a battery that last 20 hours of usage.

Source – Razer

Like the original version, the pro comes with 10mm driver which gives frequency response of 20hz~ 20Khz for high response sound quality.

The pro uses unique Bluetooth 5.1 connection type for enable low latency as quoted from Razer:
“It’s extremely low 60ms input latency means audio won’t stutter and will stay synced, providing a competitive gaming advantage and a more immersive experience for videos and music.”

Source – Razer

More than that, the battery will last 4 hours but with the charge case the earbuds can get up to 20 hours of usages.

The Earbuds comes in Black, Pink and White.

The earbuds Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Pro available for $200.

OnePlus Buds Z Announced


Along with the OnePlus 8T that was announced on October 14th, OnePlus also announced on their new TWS earbuds – the OnePlus Buds Z.

The Buds Z are wireless earbuds that can last around 20 hours.

The new earbuds Buds Z joins to OnePlus Buds series which announced early this year with the OnePlus Nord. The new earbuds come as a cheaper version compared to the original OnePlus Buds. The earbuds won’t come just in white color, it will come also with Steven Harrington’s designs.

The Earbuds will be equipped with:

  • Use 5.0 Bluetooth connection technologic.
  • Water resist under IP55 protocol.
  • Equipped with Bass Boost and support Dolby Atmos.

One the downside of the earbuds is that it won’t come with noise canceling support that became popular among the modern TWS earbuds.

Source – OnePlus

The new OnePlus Buds Z earbuds will be available starting November 2nd.

The price tag for the white model is $46 while for the Steve Harrington’ designed model is $60.

Devialet Gemini – The Premium Nose Cancelling Earbuds


Devialet is a French company which specialize in premium audio solutions. They announced their TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earbuds, the Devialet Gemini.

Gemini is the first earbuds model that equipped with ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) and many more features that will improve the audio quality experience. Devialet Gemini meant, according to the company, to go head to head with Apple’s AirPods Pro.

The company emphasis the audio quality of the Gemini headphones that combines 15 years of audio developments by the company. One of the features that the earbuds will use is the EAM (Ear Active Matching) technologic which will test the audio quality every second and the surrounding with special algorithm and will match the audio to the user’s situation.

Another feature is Pressure Balance Architecture technologic that matches the ear pressures and the optimum sound quality by switching between passive and active noise canceling and using IDC (Internal Delay Compensation) – a back up to the noise canceling (system) if the last is inactive. IDC improves the built-in earbuds noise cancelling quality.

Gemini will be equipped with the new updated Bluetooth 5.0 and supports Qualcomm’s aptX protocol and water resist IPX4 protocol.

Devialet Gemini battery life will be up to 6 hours with noise canceling on and 8 hours when its off and Thanks to unique charging case it gives the earbuds a battery life of 24 hours.

Gemini will be available for $300. It’s not standard earbuds for everyone with that cost but it might bring the TWS audio quality market to a whole new level. 

4 New Headphones From Skullcandy


The American headphones brand, Skullcandy announced upon 4 new true wireless models, including:

Indy Fuel, Indy Evo, Push Ultra and Sesh Evo which come with longer battery life and include the technology to detect items (developed by Tile) – so you won’t lose an earbud again!


Push Ultra

The first model is Push Ultra, the new sport earbuds from Skullcandy. These earbuds comes with Ear hook that secures the headphones and keep them in place even during intense workout.

Each earbud has the same physical buttons that enable full control even if the earbuds get wet. You can get this model in 3 colors – black, blue and yellow.

The Ultra Push are water and dust proof and has a battery life of 6 hours in a single charge and 34 extra hours when you place it in the case. The case support wireless charge and has fast charge feature – 2 hours of use for 10-minute charge.

Indy Evo & Indy Fuel

The next models are Indy Evo and Indy Fuel – an advance model for the last Indy headphones. These models comes in a very similar design to Apple’s famous Airpods. These headphones are water and dust proof as well and has 6 hours of power time and 24 hours with the case.

There are two differences between the Evo and the Fuel models –

  • The Fuel model support wireless charging while the Evo model doesn’t.
  • The Fuel model comes only in black while the Evo model comes in black, mint and grey.

Sesh Evo

The last model is the Sesh Evo, an upgraded version of the last Sesh earbuds. These headphones comes with water and dust proof and an upgraded battery life – 6 hours of sound in a single charge and 18 hours more with the case.

The Sesh Evo has fast charge feature – 2 hours of use for 10-minute charge.

This model will arrive in 3 colors – black, blue and mint.


The pricing of the new models is very attractive:

  • Push Ultra – $100
  • Indy Evo – $80
  • Indy Fuel – $100
  • Sesh Evo – $60

Top Christmas Songs Ever


Christmas is right around the corner and we got here some of the best Christmas songs to help you awake your holiday spirit up!

So just relax and pick a few songs from these awesome songs –

Mariah Carey — “All I Want For Christmas Is You”

You probably expected this one to be on the list, so hear it one more 🙂

Wham! — “Last Christmas”

George Michael passed away on Christmas 3 years ago but this songs will live forever.

Destiny’s Child — “8 Days of Christmas”

We know it’s not a Christmas classic but Beyoncé is there so we had to put it in.

Elton John – ‘Step Into Christmas’

Christmas is a great time for some nostalgic songs like this one.

Elvis Presley – ‘Blue Christmas’

We finish the list the one and only – The King of Rock and Roll