6 Steps To Get More Job Offers Via LinkedIn

Do you have a LinkedIn account, have working experience and highly demanded skills but no one offers you a job?

We here to help you with 6 simple steps to improve your profile and gain more recognition online.

By now you need to know that LinkedIn became in the past few year the place for head hunters to look for talented candidates and the reason for that is the fact that LinkedIn works with searching algorithms that decides which profiles will get more exposure.

Here is how you can make this algorithm work for you –

Fill in the profile

The algorithm likes profiles that are full with details. Think of your profile as a resume that recruiters will get once they land on that page. This is your chance to show them all the diplomas, courses and skills you acquired in your career. You can link your profile to GitHub to showcase projects you have been working on.

Use keywords

Like all search engines LinkedIn algorithm works with keywords. You can spread these keywords in you job title, in your past experience and in your skills. Use buzz words like job titles, technologies that you worked with and big companies that you worked for.

Announce That You Are Looking For a Job

Linked in allows you to signal recruiters that you are actively looking for a new position. In your profile settings you will find a segment called Career interests. If you switch it to “ON”, recruiters will know that it is welcomed to contact you.


LinkedIn has a feature called “endorsements”. This is pretty similar to the well known likes from Facebook and Instagram, but these likes will validate your skills. The more people endorse your skills, the more you will appear in search results.

Keeping Your Profile Up To Date

This is very important that you will stay active on Linkedin. You can share a post, you can publish a project that you just finished working on. Keep in mind that LinkedIn is not like Facebook or Instagram, all the content you have been uploading has to be professional and relevant to the field that you work in.

Keep On Learning

The more skills you posses – The more offers you will get. Recruiters are looking for people who learns constantly, gain new skills and works on the newest technologies out there. One of the best ways to learn today is online. You don’t have to leave you home anymore, you can educate yourself online, gain certificates and publish them on you LinkedIn profile. Great sites to learn from – Udemy, Coursera, Edx, KhanAcademy, LinkedinLearing and CodeAcademy.